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Third Theme Park Resort in Hong Kong (but geographically outside of Hong Kong)?


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  • [Chat] Third Theme Park Resort in Hong Kong (but geographically outside of Hong Kong)?

    A 3rd Theme Park Resort has been rumored for some years,

    let me refresh your memory...

    To maintain and enhance Hong Kong's attractiveness to tourists, the Government will continue to develop new tourist attractions. We will not rule out the possibility of developing a third theme park at an appropriate time in the future. However, at the moment we do not have any concrete plan and we are not engaged in any discussion with any parties on the construction of a new theme park.

    At present, our priority is to ensure the smooth operation of the Hong Kong Disneyland and the enhancement of its facilities as well as the implementation of the Ocean Park Redevelopment Project.
    Source : HK Gov (2006 Document)

    鄭天祥指出,澳門和珠海可以優勢互補,由於珠海地區土地資源豐富,澳門擁有自由港優勢,但缺乏深水港,隨著 港珠澳大橋落成,西部的貨運將會增加,兩地日後可以利用這個模式,在高欄港加快發展港口業務。

      另外,鄭天祥指出,現時“珠東”發展已逐漸飽和,香港可以參考澳門做法,加強和“珠西”的聯繫,香港可 以考慮興建一條輕軌,和珠海合作,在珠海興建一個容納十萬至二十萬人口的社區群,也可以發展類似迪士尼的大 型旅遊區,吸引內地的客群。
    Source : Waou News

    In a recent news commentary article (listed above), Mainland scholars proposed that Hong Kong SAR should learn from the Macau Hengqin Island development model adopted by Macau and Central Gov of China.
    Recently the Central Gov of China approved the plan that allow Zhuhai to lease part of Hengqin Island to Macau SAR for University of Macau's Expansion. Hong Kong should consider building a Light Rain system with cooperation with Zhuhai, and also a community (in Hengqin Island) to house a population between 100,000 and 200,000 people. Large Scale tourism related development similar to Disney Theme Park and Resort should also be considered in Hengqin Island. Hengqin Island is 3 times the size of Macau SAR. A similar arrangement could be made with Zhuhai to lease part of Hengqin Island for co-development with Hong Kong, such as Theme Park Resort etc.

    Macau, China, 23 Jun - The National People's Congress (NPC) began deliberating a draft bill Monday that would give the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) jurisdiction over 1.1 sq km of land on Zhuhai's Hengqin Island for about 40 years according to Xinhua news agency.

    The draft bill, submitted to the ninth session of the Standing Committee of the 11th NPC for deliberation, proposes to pass jurisdiction of a part of Hengqin to Macau through a leasehold arrangement for a new campus of the University of Macau (UM).

    The university, which has nearly 6,600 students, now occupies a plot of land measuring just about 0.054 sq km in Taipa.

    The plot of land in Hengqin is now under the jurisdiction of Zhuhai.

    " Macao is too small to offer land for the university's expansion," Zhou Bo, vice director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, explained to the lawmakers.

    He said the university's teaching facilities were too crowded for the school to develop. The State Council has approved the draft.
    Source : Macau News

    The move aimed to "further support Macau to develop education and cultivate talents to promote a sound and fast development of the special administrative region," Zhou said.

    Under mainland law, a lease for the purpose of education expires after 50 years.

    Zhou said the university's jurisdiction over the new site would expire on Dec. 19, 2049, but could be longer or shorter with the consent of the State Council.

    Third theme park resort in Hong Kong (via a land lease from Zhuhai)but actually it is located geographically outside of Hong Kong?? A possibility....

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    Re: Third Theme Park Resort in Hong Kong (but geographically outside of Hong Kong)?

    I don't see the point building another theme park in Hong Kong given that the majority days at HKDL and Ocean Park are not at full capacity. Its gonna over saturate the market.


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      Re: Third Theme Park Resort in Hong Kong (but geographically outside of Hong Kong)?

      ChimeLong Group is going to build Asia's biggest Ocean themed park "Ocean World" at Hengqin island. Construction to begin in November 2009 and to be completed by 2011/2012.

      The population around Pearl River Delta is huge.

      I am sure the market is big enough for more theme park operators.

      The issue is how to make the pie bigger rather than fighting each other to get a bigger piece of the pie.

      Theme Park business is Seasonal. No theme parks in the world would be operating at Full Capacity all year round.

      Attendance at HKOP (as well as other theme parks in Shenzhen) has been on the rise since the opening of HKDL and other theme parks at GuangZhou area.

      and even the Senior Executives of HKOP are thinking of opening gate no. 2 at Tai Shue Wan (aka Big Tree Bay).

      Their target is the huge population of Pearl River Delta not just Hong Kong. If they only target the local, it might over saturate the market.

      It is too obvious why HKDL is not getting the expected attendance. LOL

      If you don't build it, somebody will if they see the opportunity.
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