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A Westernland in HKDL, could it happen or even work?


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  • [Question] A Westernland in HKDL, could it happen or even work?

    Yes, I know this topic is a little ripe with the entire community up in arms and good cheer for Shanghai Disneyland. But I just want to put this out!

    A Westernland in HKDL!

    Well here's the facts/factoids:

    -There is a completely unused forth expansion plot due south of Grizzly Trail's plot.
    -HKDL has talked of a Phase Three expansion.
    -Grizzly Trail incorporates two themes; Bears(with BGM) and Wild Water(Geyser Gulch). Reworked clones of CBJ and Grizzly River Run could easily fit in.
    -With actual less jolly pirates haunting Orient waters, a PotC in Hong Kong is vetoed indefinitely.So, could WRE finally shake off the dust and gallop out of proposal/concept Limbo?

    I've got a sinking feeling this topic has been hollowed out before, yet your thoughts are still appreciated!
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    Re: A Westernland in HKDL, could it happen or even work?

    They certainly put Grizzly Trail in the right place. If the new lands are successful, I could absolutely see them expanding that pseudo-fronteirland. Any wild-nature sort of theme would fit the bill if they are worried that the Chinese won't understand ancient American history. I do think that they had sound reasons in leaving a Frontierland off the Hong Kong DL map. But there are creative ways to get something similar built.

    A Pirates/Western River type ride with a Wild/Nature type theme could really be a great concept and would flow well from the HUGE Adventureland next door as well as the tiny Grizzly Trail.
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