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Tardy Trip Report November '09


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  • Trip Report Tardy Trip Report November '09

    Hey kids! On the total spur of the moment I flew to Hong Kong last Thanksgiving for the very first time and, naturally, had to go to HKDL. Herein is my lengthy, photo-filled, tardy trip report--hope you [finally] enjoy!

    One of the subway lines goes directly to the resort. Convenient!

    When you first get to Hong Kong, you really need one of these. So easy to pay for just about anything you want (subway, bus fare, 7-11 stuff...)--add more money to it as you go.

    Yay! My carriage subway car has arrived! Hehehe, I look equal parts excited and terrified.

    A cool, unique fountain greets you upon your arrival.

    As does this remarkably familiar-looking photo-op.

    Tiny little asian elf (but I repeat myself) meets big scary furry Haunt monster (but I repeat myself).

    The train had these blinds along the back side that, frankly, made me feel a little claustrophobic. I think I like the very open-air feel of Anaheim's DL RR better.

    Why, yes, Sleeping Beauty's castle is...near the mountains? Hmmm...

    And then it was on to our first ride, Winnie the Pooh. I liked how the attraction was all about using the books as our way in to Pooh's world (sorry for the blurriness--the ride vehicle was bumpy).

    After Pooh, we headed over to The Golden Mickeys, a well-done stage show that presents live-action musical scenes from classic Disney flicks within an awards show framework (also, it's in Chinese with English subtitles). Ni hao, Mickey!

    30 minutes (or so) later, it was time to have that ever-popular ear-worm implanted into our brains...

    That's right! "it's a small world," which is right next to...

    ...Space Mountain? Hmmm...

    The loading area is inside the show building, which I'm sure is very nice when it rains. The actual ride was almost exactly the same as the "iasw" that I'm used to, although I did like their take on America.

    And the Hong Kong skyline in there was a nice touch.

    Time for a bite of lunch, princess?

    Don't mind if I do! This is the inside of the Royal Banquet Hall. Pretty fancy-shmancy, eh?

    And this is the ceiling. Nice detailed fabric!

    Yes, that is a plastic glove that came with my hamburger. Cleanliness is next to hamburger-liness!

    I think that's enough for part one! I'll be putting part two up in a little bit. Thanks for encouraging my behavior!

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    Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

    Thanks for posting this!

    I gotta say, that statue of Aurora and Philip dancing in the Royal Banquet Hall is pretty wonderful.
    -Hale (wumbology)

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    (I've never visited Disneyland Resort, Tokyo Disney Resort, Disneyland Resort Paris, nor Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, so don't be fooled when I pretend to know what I'm talking about. [But I'm pretty good with the information, if I do say so myself. And you can hit me all you want with Walt Disney World.])


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      Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

      All right, here's round two! After lunch, we experienced Philharmagic, which was pretty cool (and in English), and then it was on to Adventureland, where...

      Well, okay, HKDL, if you want to put big, long, hard totems that spew liquid out of their heads in your family theme park, you go right ahead.

      Tarzan's Treehouse is on the island in the middle of the Adventureland river (a waterway shared by the island raft/ferry and the Jungle Cruise). Speaking of which...

      One of my favorite attractions! And it's in one of my favorite languages!

      The climax of the ride is a very exciting and unexpected fire effect. I loved it!

      Adventureland was really very dense with trees and bushes, very very green, and looked beautiful as the sun was setting and these...

      ...turned into these...

      As we sat and rested for a bit, we noticed a crowd gathering nearby to watch something. Eerily, the crowd was very very quiet and we couldn't figure out what was up. As we got closer, though, we saw something awesome:

      Cool, right? I've heard of them doing this at some parks (but never saw it at DL Anaheim), and it was great to see Timon being drawn with just water right in front of us.

      Next up was kind of the highlight of the whole day for me: The Festival of the Lion King.

      The show is a solid 45 minutes long, and was one of the best things I've ever seen at a Disney park. The talent, energy, and enthusiasm were terrific, and, as I said, it was the highlight of my visit.

      Part three coming up!


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        Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

        Very cool pictures! I'll be looking for the rest!


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          Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

          We don't get too many photo TR's from HK sadly. :/

          This TR is AWESOME! TY so much for posting it!

          one hundred and one


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            Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

            I think I'll be able to fit the rest into this, part three, of my whirlwind tour of HKDL...

            Before dinner, we headed over to Tomorrowland...

            That picture of Space Mountain is making me hungry! (wha...?) I hear the Plaza Inn has some delicious food...

            Don't forget dessert!

            And we'll end this trip report with fireworks over the glittering castle.

            Okay, so it wasn't "Believe," but it was a great display and a wonderful way to end our day.

            Haunt. Representin'. Yo.

            Well, there ya go! I hope you've enjoyed this little travelogue of HKDL as much as I enjoyed being there! By the way, there are way more pics at Hong Kong Disneyland 09 - a set on Flickr
            for you to feast your beady little squinties upon. Enjoy!

            Adios, kiddies!


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              Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

              well its about dang time mister!!

              i'm so glad you had such an awesome time even if you didn't take me and dustin with you
              Will there be screams when the sun sets,
              -=Is It October Yet?=-

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                Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                Thanks for the great trip report.

                The sausage you got at the restaurant in Tomorrowland, is it a fried sausage or a "Bratwurst"? I don't know how it is called in the US, but here in Austria and Germany it is called "Bratwurst". I have stayed for half a year in the US and many Americans loved German food, so I think you call it also Bratwurst, but maybe I'm wrong.

                Nevertheless it looks yummy.


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                  Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                  Awesome TR, thanks for reviving this part of the board, first time after a year that someone apart from me managed to make a TR on this awesome underrated park.


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                    Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                    Great pics! Thank you for posting


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                      Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                      Originally posted by Dagobert View Post
                      ... is it a fried sausage or a "Bratwurst"?
                      If I remember correctly, the menu called it a sausage, but my partner said it was, indeed, more of a bratwurst-like-meat-thing.

                      And, yes, it was yummy.

                      Thanks for all the nice words, kids.


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                        Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                        Fantastic Trip Report, your pictures capture just how amazing Hong Kong Disneyland is to visit. But I would like to read some more thoughts on your views on the park?
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                          Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                          Awesome TR.

                          Will never think of the tikis the same...


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                            Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                            Thank you for this! We are going in June and are starting to get really excited for our trip!

                            I'll second Malin and ask if you have any additional insights (or suggestions) on the park itself. It looks like you had a great time!
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                              Re: Tardy Trip Report November '09

                              Originally posted by SusieP. View Post
                              I'll second Malin and ask if you have any additional insights (or suggestions) on the park itself. It looks like you had a great time!
                              Had a really fun time! Here are more of my thoughts about the park.

                              It's small. There's not very many attractions, so, with very few exceptions, you'll probably be able to get to everything you want in one day (since the entry fee is only about $43, even if you came back the next day, it wouldn't set you back very much). We were there about 2 hours after the park opened and stayed until closing, and we hit everything we wanted to (Ivan lives in HK so I let him be the guide--we didn't ride over to Tarzan's Treehouse, we didn't ride Autopia or the Teacups, and we didn't ride Space Mountain).

                              The day we went was not very crowded at all. Wide open walkways, hardly any wait for anything (except for Lion King--maybe see that very first?). We made reservations for dinner as soon as we got there, but we probably didn't need to that day (your mileage may vary).

                              There's plenty of English speakers around, so that's not really an issue.

                              If HKDL goes through with its planned expansion, it's going to be an incredible park in just a few years. Right now, it's just very good (but still better than DCA on its opening day/year...).

                              I'll write more as it pops into my brain. :-)


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