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Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.


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  • [Pictures] Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

    Hello All! Just got back from a quick visit to HKDL this afternoon. Sunny, hot and humid with thick haze in the air.. and the park was quiet today sept. 8th (I would guess no more than 8,000 guests or so), and preparations for this year's Halloween event are under way. I looked all over the place for anything 5th anniversary but could not find any merchandise or reference to the milestone. Also searched high and low for Halloween merchandise.. but could not find anything at all. Until... well, just take a look at the pics for my report. Enjoy!

    TDLFAN arrived at HKDL around noontime.. entered the park, which was very slow... and stumbled upon a graveyard in Town Square...

    Very creepy...

    Most gardens around Town square are getting the cemetery treatment..

    The Lotta Sweetz tombstone was TDLFAN's favorite joke. If any of you visit... please take the time to read the names and obituaries on the stones.. Funny.

    Main Street USA was ..dead. No pun intended.

    Duffy's ghetto HKDL bear cousin.

    Nightmare before Xmas balloon are now on sale..

    HKDL's Marching band performs around the hub, to few guests.

    The Hub awaits it's halloween decor, which will be installed in the next few days. I can see Maleficent, or Murphy? taking residence here for a while...

    Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant sur-Hong Kong.

    The view towards Tomorrowland.

    Temporary lighting towers have been installed on either side of the castle's forecourt, and have been covered with faux flora... My guess is they will bring to life the many new special effects that will be featured during the new "Nightmare in the Sky" fireworks show. I can't wait to see what the entertainment division is going to do here...

    You can see workers putting working on the light system by the castle's moat.

    Cindy and Charming entertain guests..

    Ever since Dopie fell in the well.. no one has heard of him again.. but Snow keeps hoping for his return.

    New popcorn buckets are on sale.. not a halloween item mind you.

    Over in Adventureland... If you look closely, you can see a construction crane behind the trees beyond the Jungle River Cruise's dock.

    Another HUGE construction crane is now installed in the area where the new bear-themed train ride will be built.. This crane can't be missed at all. It's as HUGE as the big *** hat at DHS.

    New sign (uncovered) installed for "Demon Jungle".. Go ----> way.

    Hottest new seller.. which is actually very cool.

    Signage in Adventureland.. and notice a pirate doing meet and greet in the background.

    One reason why TDLFAN loves HKDL's Adventureland is because of the dense jungle like atmosphere, making this the most immersive and best Adventureland of them all, theme-wise.

    TDLFAN shows off his legs.. and fat belly

    Mood lighting is being installed around most areas of Adventureland, and will help create "scary mood" for the upcoming Halloween event.

    The Leaky Tikis are no longer sporting the ultra cool hawaiian motif they wore during the summer season. they are back to their bare naked selves.

    A photo spot goes up in Adventureland.

    A cute gargoyle.. sitting on top of TDS' Indiana Jones Crystal Skull pyramid. That's how TDLFAN sees this particular halloween display.

    Another creepy decoration in Adventureland.

    The haunted pit stop will be serving snacks and other halloween treats.

    TDLFAN looked high and low all over Main Street and Adventureland for any Halloween related merchandise but found NONE anywhere..
    Until arriving in Fantasyland's Merlin Treasures shop at the exit of Philharmagic.... and *BINGO*.
    This was the ONLY shop in the park selling the Halloween merchandise, which was put on the shelves this very morning.. It will eventually be sold all over the park.. but here is your first look at this year's HKDL Halloween merchandise!! And TravisMT81.. no salivating, please.

    TDLFAN picked up this particular tee which he will proudly debut at TDR tomorrow (sept 9th) for all to see.

    The kids' tee shirt is also very colorful.

    Plush keychains.

    ...And treat or trick handbags.

    The souvenir photo stand.

    HKDL-exclusive costumes... TDLFAN likes the Maleficent style headband.

    Candy and cookie boxes.

    TO BE CONTINUED SHORTLY... Muhahahaha....

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    Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

    Ok... where were we...? Ah YES! The merchandise...

    Minnie Plush doll.

    Mickey plush doll.


    Stitch and Scrump's plushes.


    Folders, stickers, and a jack skellington ...coin purse?.

    Cellphone strap and more keychains.

    ladies' earrings.


    ..and more pins. The one with Maleficent and castle is TDLFAN's favorite. And NO, they are not limited editions.

    Ok.. so after all the excitement about finding the Halloween merchandise, TDLFAN took a spin on IASW, which was a walk-on. See? No one in line.

    Cindy and Charming are back on the ride, Both were missing last time TDLFAN rode.

    TDLFAN's loves the African scene in this particular IASW ride.

    The USA.. with Pocahontas, Meeko and Flik.

    Los Tres Caballeros.. en Mexico.

    Happy rattlesnakes don't bite.

    The Chinese dragon dance.

    Korean kids.

    Lovely China kids.

    Le grand finale.

    Well.. boo-hoo.

    Space Mountain closed while the Ghost Galaxy overlay is iinstalled. Hopefully TDLFAN will ride Ghost Galaxy here and in Anaheim this year.. if he plans accordingly.

    These "Stroller Service" areas have popped up around the park. TDLFAN wonders... what is this? Stroller Valet????

    This umbrella caught TDLFAN's attention.

    Preparations are underway in Tommorrowland for their halloween Inferno dance Party.

    ..and a lounge will be used as well for the party. This is similar to what was done during the summer months, featuring Buzz and his roller-skating astrogals.

    The park being dead today.. TDLFAN took advantage of the 10 minute wait time for Autopia, which normally is a 45 minutes wait most days. The woodsy area in the queue is very relaxing and very UN-like the rest of Tomorrowland.

    ....And we are off down the freeway of love.

    We travel through very wooded and shady areas..

    This rock garden and very strange trees are the highjlight scene of this Autopia, which in TDLFAN's humble opinion, it is the best themed and nicely ornated, with great flora and interesting trees and topiaries.

    The boarding station.. kind of reminicent of the old DL Hotel monorail station back in the 60s.

    Futuristic billboards in Autopia...

    Gotta love how the tree branch goes over the track (over orange car), all cut to resemble pom-poms.. hahaha.

    The trees have grown some since the HKDL Autopia opened a few years ago.. and it looks great. The trees do create a very intimate and lovely ambiance to the ride.

    Ok... some more interesting merchandise and food... A Nutcracker suite set.

    Princesses' carrousel.

    Korean squid snack is deeelicious. wash it down with coconut king drink and for dessert.. deep fried sugar dough (shaped like Mickey), served with golden syrup. YUM!!

    That lovely cemetery in Town Square.. Note the Mice doing meet and greet in the gazeebo.

    A look down Main Street before the parade steps off. Hazy skies today.

    Back inside the Emporium... a group of park managers (left) are seen taking a quality control walk, commenting on the merchandise. Too bad TDLFAN did not have a chance to offer a comment or two on that.

    Light systems are installed over all buildings on Main Street...which will help create a creepy mood at night and also make the "Glow in the Dark" Parade ...well, glow in the dark during their perfomances nightly.

    In the meantime, the usual "Disney on Parade" is performing again after the summer hiatus.

    Ok.. Alice. Look closely everyone.. this is a chinese gals playing a western character. Hmmm... I don't think Disney should compromise the character's heritage by placing a performer who does not fit the part. But whatever. Even Tokyo is guilty of this and TDLFAN disagrees. What will be next? A phillipino playing Mulan? Oh wait!!!

    Simple things amuse TDLFAN... and the sheer amount of bubbles emanating from the Little Mermaid float makes this parade scene delightful.

    Euphoric Mice close the parade.

    And with the parade done, TDLFAN left the park around 4pm. And that kids, concludes this brief trip/photo report.

    TDLFAN will be at TDR tomorrow sept 9th.. and may bring pics to the TDR secrtion.. if you all behave.


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      Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

      THANKS for the pics TDLFAN. You know that gargoyle is an animatronic that growls, moves and blinks at night! I hope the Inferno Dance party isn't going to have all those songs sung by Disney wannabes and Justin Beiber type of bull.

      It seems i left HK at the WORST possible time....The popcorn fireworks show

      Looking forward to your Halloween TR!


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        Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

        wow, thx for those pics! Looks like today is so less people go to HKDL....but for me, I like this because I can ride on Space Mountain and Autopia for many times~
        Seeing the decors and the merchandises, I just can't wait to see the new firework show! Something surprise me is Prince Charming is coming out for M&G!


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          Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

          Originally posted by whaleatcoast View Post
          wow, thx for those pics! Looks like today is so less people go to HKDL....but for me, I like this because I can ride on Space Mountain and Autopia for many times~
          Seeing the decors and the merchandises, I just can't wait to see the new firework show! Something surprise me is Prince Charming is coming out for M&G!
          Prince Charming has been doing M&G since last year as i remember.


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            Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

            lovely TDLfan, thanks for sharing!

            I like the picture frame and book, I guess that is about it when it comes to Malificent!

            :love:Bringing the Love since January 10, 2011:love:
            We were sent over there with the message that only we would defend Disney quality.. We learnt quickly that the Japanese culture speaks to a level of quality that is hard to comprehend. They were all unbelievably skilled and willing to do the right thing.
            Craig Russell -Walt Disney Imagineering


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              Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

              Yes, that should be about it for the merchandise. Don't think they will release anything more. I got the tee.. pins, folder and Mickey plush.


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                Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                Oooh, thanks for the Autopia pictures! We had to skip it due to time constraints when we were there.
                A signature should go here.


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                  Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                  i might surprise you but the New Popcorn Bucket are exactly the same as the one we had here at Disneyland Paris .
                  HKDL : Done !!!


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                    Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                    Great report!

                    But the sight of that empty park in the most peoplepacked region of the world...
                    one word:


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                      Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                      You know TTT, even the city was quiet as well, as you could tell the tourists were gone and the summer season has ended. Hopefully the park will turn out some guests once halloween gets underway.

                      Bopazot.. no, I am not surprised. Seems like all the parks that WDC operate share the same crap. You want an unique Disney experience, then you have to go to Tokyo.. which is where I will be in a cople of hours from now. A bientot.


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                        Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                        Thanks for the photos & update- My friend is leaving next weekend for HKDL- He was surprised though that they only really do the Halloween stuff on Thurs-Sun- so he really only has 2 days to experience it since he will only be at the resort from 10/20-10/25.

                        I don't know or follow much about HKDL, but I guess there isn't enough of crowds during the week to do the Halloween stuff every day.


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                          Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                          ORDDU: We always appreciate seeing your pictures, TDLFAN, duckling. Sometimes it seems as though you've actually moved to Hong Kong since you're always delighting us so often with your fine photos. Thank you, again, for giving us all these many interesting updates!!!


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                            Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                            Why thank you ORDDU. Maybe we'll run into each other one of these days at the Tragic Kingdom.. it's been a while since we cavorted together, hunting for frogs around Mickey's ToonTown fair.


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                              Re: Prep work/preview of HKDL Halloween.

                              Originally posted by TDLFAN View Post

                              I want that shirt!


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