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First Trip to HKDL


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  • [Question] First Trip to HKDL

    Hi everyone

    Off to HKDL in a little over 2 months (which is also my first trip overseas to!) and what I was hoping that people here could help me with is the cost of a few things at HKDL - google is letting me down in the price search and I want to know approx how much to budget for (then throw that out the window as soon as I get there!) Average prices of items is fine and in HKD as I'll convert later

    Duffy 12"
    Average soft toy (like medium size)
    Snowglobes small
    Mickey ears

    Also perhaps what was the best item you brought from HKDL and best food item.

    Hope you can help, I loved to hear and see pictures as well as I am little to excited about going and want to discover lots before I go :P


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    Re: First Trip to HKDL

    No 12" Duffy in HKDL now... 17" Duffy is $320, Duffy handbag is $220, and the small ones are from $80 to $95.
    Pin are about $45-$75, some bigger ones will be about $90 or above.
    And I didn't notice about other products' price... but I think I can help you to check it in this two weeks.


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      Re: First Trip to HKDL

      Thanks for the info!

      That would be great if you can get other prices but please dont go out of your way for it, any info you happen across is more than google has provided me with


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