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Attendance over 1 Million since opening

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  • Attendance over 1 Million since opening

    Nov. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Hong Kong Disneyland, Walt Disney Co.'s first theme park in China, attracted more than 1 million visitors in its first 100 days of operation, putting it on track to achieve attendance goals, the company said.
    Disney expects the Hong Kong resort to attract 5.6 million visitors in its first year, Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo said today in an interview. The attendance numbers are the first that Burbank, California-based Disney has provided for the park since Hong Kong Disneyland opened Sept. 12.

    Since the Hong Kong resort opened, 49 percent of visitors have been local residents. Twenty six percent came from mainland China and the remaining 25 percent arrived from other countries, Disney said.

    ``Hong Kong Disneyland has become a successful launching pad for Disney,'' said Laura Martin, an analyst at Soleil Securities Corp. in Pasadena, California, who rates the company ``buy'' and doesn't own shares. ``Success at Hong Kong Disneyland accelerates Disney putting more assets in Asia.''
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    Re: Attendance over 1 Million since opening

    Well that is interesting news, Disney doesn't usually release attendance numbers, but 1 million in three months is pretty darn good.

    Half way to beating WDS...


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      Re: Attendance over 1 Million since opening

      Concidering there are a billion chinese next door to Hong 1,000,000 guests really a big deal?


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        Re: Attendance over 1 Million since opening

        The Secretary for Economic Development and Labour, Stephen Ip said that the current daily attendance is in line with the forecast, that is the daily attendance is between 14,000 and 15,000. He further indicated that the Government of Hong Kong would like to see new attraction to be built at Hong Kong Disneyland each year.

        He is hoping that the Government of HK would not be required to inject more capital into HKDL, all funds for new attractions would come from income associated with the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.