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A taste of Disney?


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  • A taste of Disney?

    I read this in an article today:

    "Hong Kong Disneyland will make a special efforts to cater to Asian tastes"

    I wonder if that is their best plan. If I visit a foregin icon the last thing I would want is catering to my local taste. If I go to Tsing Yi I'm not looking for a McDonalds and you won't find me in a Gap store on Saville row.

    I would think that park visitors by and large are coming for a taste of Disney and the USA.
    "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect."

    -Mark Twain

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    ORWEN: They should at LEAST offer a mix of food--something Asian, something American and most DEFINITELY something for those of us who prefer something from Morva!


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      >>I would think that park visitors by and large are coming for a taste of Disney and the USA<<

      You would think that to be the case but I am affraid that is not the way things are in the real World. Disney learned it's lesson when they didn't offer wine with their meals at DLP, hence they had to break with tradition and offer alcohol in a MK park. Over at TDL (and TDS) the meal fare caters to almost every imaginable culinary style on Earth, from japanese style meals, to fast food, to italian, to latin american dishes, to chinese cuisine... you will find *everything* in regards to culinary choices at TDR. All these choices coexist and thrive at that park. Same for EPCOT's culinary treats...where most americans seem to forgo hamburgers and fries (at least those who are not affraid to spend a bit more on a nice meal) and seem willing to indulge on some international flair. Why do you think the Internation Food and Wine festival at EPCOT is so popular with local guests and tourists alike?? In fact WDW to me seems to have the worst choice of food options...or what you refered to as "taste of the USA". In fact, I further have to ask...what really is the taste of the USA? Most people will still find hamburgers, hotdogs, BBQ and steaks at HKDL, but it doesn't hurt the bottom line if they are also able to offer the local traditional cuisine as a way to enhance their product. DLP & TDR do it beautifully and so does Epcot to a certain degree. The StarLiner Diner at HKDL's Tomorrowland will be serving american style fast food, and may or may not be the only place in the park accomodating the McDonald's crowd.
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        TDL is right...the rest of the world doesn't really want a park full of hamburgers and chicken fingers a la WDW MK. HKDL has a pretty diverse menu with selections from different regions of China (which has VERY different types of cuisine as you travel north), Thailand, India, Japanese, as well as American favorites. I think it is a good and interesting mix of options...


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