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Armchair Imagineering: HKDL Expansion Phase 2 Ideas


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  • [Idea] Armchair Imagineering: HKDL Expansion Phase 2 Ideas

    Even though Phase 1 of the expansion isn't finished, I have a couple ideas for a Phase 2 that I'd like to get feedback from. This phase of the expansion will improve upon the current lands offfered by the park as well as adding a new land.

    The first part of this expansion will take place in Adventureland.
    - Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. In the area near the Adventureland/Fantasyland border, an updated version of the famous Tiki Room will be added, and will be mostly like DL's version.
    - The Coconut Hut. A snack shack in the queue area of the Tiki Room that will serve Dole products (like at DL).
    - Pirates of the Caribbean. In the unused area east of Grizzly Gulch will be an updated version of PotC, but will be a water coaster and would have a similar layout to DLP's version (with some exiting rollercoater parts).
    - The Leaky Barrel. A restaurant/tavern themed to the Tortooga tavern from the PotC movies.
    - Turner's Smith Shop. The exit gift shop for PotC will be themed to the Blacksmith at the begining of the first PotC movie.
    Lion King Jungle-
    The area around Feastival of the Lion King will be turned into a Lion King mini-land.
    - Pride Rock BBQ. A restaurant in the Lion King mini-land that will be east of the queue for Feastival of the Lion King and will cover the train tracks by the bridge.
    - Timon & Pumba's Jungle Paradise. In the area next to and above the queue for FotLK will be a play area (similar to Redwood Creek Challenge at DCA) themed to Timon and Pumba's hangout area in the movie.
    - Rafiki's Tree Supplies. A new shop themed to Rafiki's home.

    About half-way through Adventureland's expansion, Tomorrowland would start it's portion of the park-wide expansion.
    - Lunar Rover Racers. Autopia will be renovated to be themed to the Mars rovers, but will travel through a futuristic city.
    - BLAB will be updated to be themed to the Buzz TV show. The flat, 2D targets/characters will be replaced with 3D modeled versions.
    - Star Tours: The Adventures Continue. In between BLAB and LRR will be a cloned version of the popular Star Tours with an Coruscant-style exterior.
    - Tatooine Canteena. A new SW themed restaurant will be added in between Space Mountain and the UFO Crash Zone.
    - The Grid Escape. A Mission Space style ride themed to the new TRON movie. The warehouse would be located next to LRR and beyond the train tracks. The queue would be along the parade route next to Space Mountain.

    Grizzly Gulch:
    Even though this land isn't finished yet, it will recieve a minor expansion.
    - The Country Bear Jamboree. A clone of the original DL version of the ride will be added.
    - Splash Mountain. An adjusted version of Splash Mtn. will be added to cover up the land's veiw of the PotC warehoue (and will overlap within the same building of PotC).
    - The Briar Patch. The exit gift shop for Splash Mtn.
    - The Hungry Bear. A restraurant that will be added near the CBJ.
    - Big Al's Corner. A gift shop to be in the CBJ area of the land.
    - Disneyland Railroad. A new station will be added to the new land.

    One of the major parts of the park-wide expansion is the expansion of Fantasyland. The land will be expanded into the unused TSL area.
    - Snow White's Castle. The current Sleeping Beauty's Castle will be redesigned to be taller than the original version and look almost the same as it is (to remove the similarity to DL's Sleeping Beauty's Castle).
    - Dumbo's Circus Top Flyers. The current Dumbo's Flying Elephants will be update (like WDW's future version) to have 2 spinners and an interactive queue.
    - Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Venture. The current version of the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh would be updated to use trackless ride technology and to convert the 2D characters modeld into 3D versions.
    Fantasy Forest-
    A new miniland will be added to mainly occupy the unused TSL area.
    - Legends of the Forbidden Mountains. An adjusted version of Expedition Everest will make it's way into the unused TSL area. Since Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Train already uses the ride system from EE, this version will have the ride system of the future 7 Dwarf's Mine Train and will have a ride intensity of EE and Raging Spirits.
    - The Nightmare Journey. A new dark ride themed to the Nightmare Before Christmas that will be next to Small World's warehouse, and would be considered the Peter Pan ride of HKDL. Would be located on the other side of the DLRR
    - Snow White's Forest Adventures. Reusing the soon to be gone version at WDW, this version will be located near Nightmare Journey and will be almost the same as the WDW version.
    - The Snuggly Duckling. A new restraunt added along the pathway to the Snow White/Nightmare area.
    - Kingdom Faire. A new retail shop that will be added along the new pathway to the Snow White/Nightmare area.
    - Mama Odie's Bayou Boat Diner. A new restaurant themed to Mama Odie's home from the Princess and the Frog.

    Mystic Point:
    A minor part of the expansion is the addition of some new attractions, restaurants, and/or shops to Mystic Point and Toy Story Land.
    - The Graveyard Investigators. An interactive attraction, using technology from the Disney Fantasy/Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure to allow guest to track down a murderer (a CM placed in the group of people), that killed a very "important" person, by scanning grave stones and getting clues from their comunicator.

    Toys Story Land:
    - Pizza Planet. A new restaurant themed to the pizza place from the first TS film.
    - Toy Story Midway Mania. A clone of the attractions from DCA and DHS.
    - Woody's Roundup General Store. A new retailing store themed to the Woody's Roundup "TV Show".
    - Sunnyside Escape. A new wild mouse coaster/dark ride themed to TS3.
    - Sunnyside Supplies. The exit gift shop for SE.

    Old Shanghai:
    The last part of the expansion is the addition of a new land that will be a land themed to the China of yester-year. It will start off at the current parade route gate on MS and will another enterance from the other end of MS. The parade route will be re-routed to exit by the opposite side of Town Square. and will have 2 main dark rides and loads of unique shopping and dining opportunities. The land will be divided into 2 main parts, Chinatown (no connection to the US cities, but themed to China during the 80's), and Han City (inspired by China during the Han dynasty).
    - Shanghai Escape. An EMV dark ride themed to the beginning Temple of Doom.
    - Club Obi-wan. A restraunt themed to the one from Temple of Doom.
    - Reflections. A Mulan themed dark ride.
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