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HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop


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  • News HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

    Chinese newspaper Mingpao reports that HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin is more popular than RC Racer and the Parachute Drop. It even beats out Autopia to be the park's most popular ride. Managing Director Andrew Kam thought thrill rides would respond to guests' complaints on the underwhelming of the rides, but it turns out that they were scared of these types of rides. He suggests that this is a good lesson that guests may not really know what they want.


    Google Translation (sorry I didn't fix it):
    Hong Kong Disneyland  new park, "Toy Story Camp" has Chawu Duo opening two months, the most popular new games like what side? I believe we, like with Emily, that the department was "U" word  roller coaster " day remote control car", you are wrong Han estimate! Chief Executive of Hong Kong Disneyland, then Kim Min-ho, Park thought more exciting   days will be long queues remote control cars, who do not know no match for the advanced version of "  turn"  "slingshot around the dog."

    Park opening to , customer opinion generally considered Drainage dream is more than enough stimulation, Kim Min-ho, then, this design has to consider what point, it is particularly designed " day remote control car" with "toys Corps parachute jump," recite the response to live customer expectations, point to know the game launch, a lot of people actually afraid of remote control cars are too stimulating, the Air  few people who play more ; opposite "slingshot around the dog" on the overwhelming Autopia, become the most popular park, queue the longest  game. Kim Min-ho, then: "what a good time experience in the Department  lesson (lessons), the original customer drainage  want-what if you give me Qu, the channel may not be favored by."

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    Re: HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

    My that's sad, but unsurprising. Given the short lines on SM, it seems that HKDL guests really aren't into the whole E-ticket thrill ride thing. Maybe the HK locals aren't into them at all, but lines in Ocean Park tell a different story.

    However, l propose that long lines aren't just due to popularity. The parachute drop had an hour long wait time on a non-peak day last week. I never tried the Slinkydog ride for the same reason.

    Long lines are not just indicators of popularity, but also of low ride capacity.


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      Re: HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

      /\Very true. The hourly capacity of Space Mountain is about the same as (if not more than) that of Autopia, RC Racer, the Parachute Drop, and Slinky Dog Spin combined.


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        Re: HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

        ORDDU: A witch has to wonder how much truth there really is in the article that claims Slinky Dog is the more popular attraction. Personally, I'm not going to be so quick to buy this idea. As others have pointed out, the length of a queue line doesn't always tell the whole story. How does one explain the popularity of thrill rides at Ocean Park--as SirEdge has pointed out--if the thrill rides at HKDL aren't popular?

        ORGOCH: Yeah, somethin' just don't smell right 'bout this Stinky Dog ride!!


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          Re: HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

          Actually many of the mainland visitors who are bussed into the park have no interest in thrill rides. They just want to come in and see what Disneyland is all about. Most of the time they just wonder around, shop or watch Golden Mickeys and Lion King Festival. Family visitors will also enjoy slinky dog as they can ride with their young children.

          It is the local and mainland teens who will go for the E-tickets. But they can only come during school breaks.
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            Re: HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

            And the above is the excuse Disney used for building a MK that focused on gardens and shows. And then no one showed up, meanwhile Ocean park just down the road with its coasters is doing better then ever.

            It may be true the main landers DO have an interest in wondering around gardens, shops and shows and Compared to a US crowd I am sure that it IS true but..... that does not mean actual e-ticket attractions are not of interest to them at all. It does not have to be one or the other.

            HKDL has the gardens, the shows, and the shops. It does not have the e-tickets Disney is known for and that is why it has so far been a lack luster performer.


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              Re: HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

              As alluded to above, because HKDL has yet to offer a complete E-ticket attraction (IMO), HK park-goers don't have a measuring stick of what a great theme park ride can be.

              E-tickets theme park attractions at their best consist of:
              1. Detailed Queue that builds the Anticipation
              2. Pre-show that sets the Story
              3. Ride that delivers the Pay-off.

              Most of the world's great E-tickets have at least two of these three. (Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion, Forbidden Journey, Tower of Terror, Singapore's Revenge of the Mummy, etc.).

              Hong Kongers have yet to experience a true Disney E-ticket, because the park's 3 biggest rides (Space Mtn, Jungle Cruise, IASW) have sparsely-themed, switchback queues. If HKDL had opened with something like Journey to the Center of the Earth, with an elaborate themed queue, terra-vator "pre-ride" and then detailed, thrilling dark ride finale, HKers may have (would have) loved it and lined up for hours, just like the rest of the world.

              It will be interesting to see if Grizzly Mountain has a pre-show or queue that is more elaborate than the standard Big Thunder. If not, it won't be until 2013 until HKers get a taste of a real Queue-Preshow-Ride experience (assuming the Manor is well-executed).


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                Re: HKDL's Slinky Dog Spin more popular than RC Racer and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

                ORDDU: Couldn't agree with you more, Randy, duckling. The poor guests at HKDL really need some attractions that gives them a reason to come back to the park. It's amazing how little thought was put into this park's potential success by those who made the final decisions about what should be included for opening day attractions. Only time will tell if they are willing to rectify the mistakes that were originally made. The park is beautiful, to be sure. But it sorely lacks those E-tickets everyone else is talking about.


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