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HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth


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  • Trip Report HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

    I put Part 2 in a new thread because the first one was just put together quickly so I could report on the TSL displays in Harbour City. This is the real meat of the trip with a decidedly different tone.

    HKDL is really the most convenient Disney park for me to visit and it has a special place in my heart. I try to visit every year and this year, I wanted to make it special by staying for three days at the resort and have my fill of all things Disney.

    I asked some of the MiceChatters for advice and they all recommended that I go for the HKDL Hotel, which is indeed beautiful. We had breakfast there the previous year and while the food was just okay, the ambiance more than made up for it.

    Checking-in at the HKDL Hotel

    We arrived on Jan. 2 which is the last day of the Christmas celebrations, so I'm not sure if there really was no tree in the lobby that year or they had already taken it down. And which meant that since it was the last day of Christmas the room prices dropped significantly from the previous night.

    Is that a stain?

    It took quite a while to check in. And I was hoping for some off season perks, but alas none were available. I wish we had just opted to buy the park tickets in the kiosks in the city and we would have gotten a TSL bag out of it. Oh well.

    Checking in took a while. And it was pretty busy in the lobby that morning. We were told to come back at 3:00 PM to bring our stuff to the room, which was a bit of a bummer since that's the same time as the "Flights of Fantasy" since we had just missed its noon run.

    Instead of taking the coach, we walked through the promenade from the hotel, which was much nicer than I thought.

    Disney music was playing. I'm not sure if this is because it's the last day of the Christmas celebrations, or they didn't play up Christmas this year, or because it was the Promenade. I dunno, but either way, I prefer hearing Part of Your World over Jingle Bells any day.

    Here's the less photographed entrance to the park. It's a place to stroll for free. We saw some locals clearly just visiting the topiary.

    Crabby CM #1

    The "Celebration of the Lion King" is the same show as it has been in the previous years, but the dancing seemed to have less snap or flourish. It wasn't sloppy, but it certainly felt more phoned in, that clearly most of them have done this show hundreds of times. The Scar, however, was phenomenal. The best one I've seen, both in theme parks and even in the Lion King Broadway musical itself. He just relished his role and his evilness was very delicious.

    We found ourselves in a bad seat to the side and it placed my camera just outside before a CM scolded me. "Sir, don't do that!"

    All right, so yeah, I might have not thought it out well before, but there was something about the tone and that he said it that did not rub me the right way. Language barrier I thought, and safety is a concern, so I let it slide.

    Toy Story Land

    It was only natural to check out TSL after to see for ourselves how we feel about this latest addition.

    They may be glorified carnival rides, but their queues were better than most of the other rides in HKDL, which much more themeing than I thought HKDL could be bothered with. I'm not sure if this is how it's done in Paris, but good job.

    The queue for the Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop was a green hangar type structure, with lots of human sized toy soldier figurines with the Sarge providing safety spiel to the new recruits.

    The queue that day moved quickly enough, less than half an hour. And ride gave spectacular views of the expansion, but I was told to put away my camera.

    Grandpa straps little girl in.

    Rising to the occasion.

    We opted out of the Slinky Dog Spin because the lines were much longer and I don't think it would be that thrilling. I love the way he putters about.

    The RC Racer was next on the agenda, and the queue was even nicer. The walk around the garden on racetracks was more complete in this queue.

    And of course, the CMs are called Andy's Toys. Cute.

    I thought the RC Racer at this point is the most thrilling ride in the park. The U shaped coaster accelerates fast enough on its second wind, and it is pretty steep at 90% for a children's ride. It's a definite stop and look at it moment for people passing by. Like Splash Mountain, but to a much lesser degree of sophistication. It's fun and it's a good addition to the park.

    This is something I will definitely return to when I come back.

    The RC Racer Controversy

    However, the big question on all our minds is how much an eyesore is this bright orange monstrosity?

    During the construction, we all worried about how big and how visible it will be. So I decided to take some pictures from Adventureland and Fantasyland to see how big the damage is.

    And really, it was pretty surprising.

    This is the view from the side of the Jungle River Cruise pointed in the general direction.

    Another view this time from the docks, near the exit.

    And there was no sign of RC Racer. I don't know exactly why. Maybe the bamboo grew? Or maybe the Imagineers actually thought it to begin with.

    It's only visible from Fantasyland and only near the entrance of Toy Story Land. And even so, it's just this tiny orange thing shown in this picture. It's not so much different as seeing Adventureland from Fantasyland, since those three lands meet at this junction.

    So where did all the hype come from?

    I think it was because most of the eyesore pictures came from Tarzan's Treehouse. And indeed you could see it peeping from the tree tops there. However, most of us forget that everything is visible from Tarzan's Treehouse. All right, that's an exaggeration, but you can see a good number of things from up there. Apart from RC Racers, you can see Space Mountain, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and HKDL Hotel.

    So unless you look for it, you won't really see it. And personally, I felt that was a relief and restored my faith in the Imagineers that worked on HKDL.

    Crabby CM #2

    Lunch was at the Royal Banquet Hall in Fantasyland, and the serving of the baked penne (or was it macaroni) and baked seafood rice was ample. It was a little pricey, as expected, and a little bland, but nothing salt and pepper couldn't have fixed.

    We couldn't finish our meals so we asked if we could have them as take away. Or at least a doggy bag.

    The response was less than favorable. The CM said that either we finish it or they throw it away. And that it was a company policy.

    Personally, I was very surprised, even upset that Disney had such a policy. Even sit down restaurants allow to take away food. It was just a doggy bag - 打包. How inconvenient is that? A paper bag and a cover. If there reason is environmental, then wouldn't wasting food be as morally offensive as using more packaging? I don't mean to open a debate, but assuming it's a reasonable company policy, I don't think CM should respond in such a way to the guests.

    IASMW: Not Quite Christmas Edition

    I didn't take too many pictures in IASMW, but I did take note of more Disney characters I hadn't noticed before (like Peter Pan, but I couldn't take his picture).

    Christmas overlay was predominantly gone and there were no carols being sung anymore.

    Somehow the spartan queue is my favorite. Because the smell and the carpeting reminds me of old EPCOT attractions.

    The Last 5th Anniversary Flights of Fantasy Parade

    I was worried we'd miss the FoF parade and that we'd waste so much time before we could bring our luggage to the room so we caught it near the Storybook Theater.

    These court dancers were my favorite dancers in the parade.

    The dancers were great. Enthusiastic and friendly. Terrific parade. A lot has been said about it and I think I can't add much more to the discussion.

    We took the train to Main Street to get to the hotel, but it chugged at an agonizingly slow speed. We went up to our room, which was right near the elevator, goody!

    After about a half an hour of rest, we went back to the park to catch the Christmas parade or street party, or whatever it was called anyway.


    The crowd waited patiently.

    Disney ornments in the trees.

    And the party begins.

    The Angel Dumott Schunard dancers.

    They still let it snow this year.

    It was this biiiig!



    Minnie, isn't that a Chinese mirror behind you?

    Donald, I love you even more now. And this mini-parade too. Simple, but much better imho than the Let It Snow Christmas parade.

    HKDL at Night

    Sun is starting to set over the kingdom.

    Some details on the carousel.

    Space mountain queue.

    Christmas illumination was better this holidays than it was in 2010. Essentially a repeat of the 2009 one.

    A late night visit to Tarzan's Treehouse rewarded us with this glorious sight.

    Must what the Israelites felt when they first saw the promised land.

    The Main Street Christmas tree.

    The HKDL RR.

    Catching a late show of Philharmagic.

    Not much of a crowd left.


    The crowd began assembling in front of the castle for the fireworks, and the castle looked a little too red hot for me.

    Until it turned into this ghastly sickly green color which made me think that the Grinch really did steal Christmas.

    But all was well once the "Disney in the Stars" began.

    Walk Back.

    HKDL is an exceptionally pretty park at night and that goes for the Promenade to the hotel.

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    Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

    Nice Photos
    My YouTube Channel


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      Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

      Thanks for the photos and the nice trip report.

      It's strange that Disney doesn't allow guests to take the food with them. Is it the same in other Disney Parks? In Paris and WDW we never asked to take the food with us.


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        Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

        Originally posted by Dagobert View Post
        Thanks for the photos and the nice trip report.

        It's strange that Disney doesn't allow guests to take the food with them. Is it the same in other Disney Parks? In Paris and WDW we never asked to take the food with us.
        I guess it is a company policy? Although I thought it was pretty standard, except for buffets of course.

        The response from HKDL was this, coupled with the requisite apologies and niceties:

        We regret that currently take-away service at the restaurant is not available due to food safety concern. It is never our intent to offend our Guests in the enforcement
        of the rules; in this regard, we have duly reminded our Cast Members to
        be more courteous and considerate when performing their duties in order
        to preserve our Guests’ experience.

        I don't understand what food safety concern that might be. I'm guessing they're avoiding a lawsuit of some sort, or it's just a plot to get you to buy more meals at the park. If it's the latter, then I think it's rather insidious.

        I forgot to add this to my first post, but the wonderful michael20183 of YouTube uploaded a video of the last Santa Mickey Toy-riffic Street Party, and I spotted myself midway through taking pictures. Kinda surreal. Wish I knew he was there that day.


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          Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

          Andrew Kam mentioned that once a group of mainland tourists wanted to bring an entire roast suckling pig inside the park and they stopped them. They were worried the pig would go bad and they would then consume it, fall sick and probably, accuse the park of supplying unhygienic food. But it is just my guess.
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            Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

            This was a great report and nice pictures.

            I begin to see some faults about HKDL that many noticed about DLP. CMs are simply not as good in HKDL as in the other resorts, except DLP of course.


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              Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

              ORDDU: We really enjoyed your trip report and the photos, SirEdge, duckling. I'm wondering why you weren't allowed to take pictures from high above Toy Storyland. My sisters and I have already seen other people's photographs from way up high on the same attraction.

              ORWEN: I just wouldn't let them see I had a camera--if possible--and just wait and take a picture after I'd gone way up in the air. (Or if you want me to teach you how to ride a broom stick you could get your pictures THAT way--like I always do!)

              ORGOCH: As if yer broom stick ever got more 'n 3 inches off the ground, ya lard bucket!!


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                Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                Second Day and the Quest for the Missing Expansion Model

                There was really no reason to go for a second day at the park, except for the facts that there was nothing else to do in the resort except go to the park, the 2-Day ticket was only HK$100 more than the 1-Day ticket, and I wanted to support HKDL.

                We didn't have anything to do, so we spent the entire morning at the hotel trying out the gym and indoor swimming pool. We moved to the HKDL Hollywood Hotel for breakfast at the quick service "Hollywood & Dine." The food was decent, and the prices were much cheaper than anywhere else in the resort. And I suspect some of the food items are the same too. I spied a cheesecake on display here for less than half the price of the same one at the HKDL Hotel (where it went about HK$90-100).

                It was already half-past noon when we went to the park and we were in no rush to do things.

                First on the agenda was to check out the Expansion at the Art of Animation on Main Street. The exhibit was closed the previous day, which greatly disheartened me, so I wasn't holding my breath to see it open that day. However, it was and I ran for it eager to see the Expansion models for myself.

                Instead I was greeted with disappointment.

                Half the animation exhibit was gone. The Toy Story Zoetrope wasn't operating. (I'm not sure if it was broken or just wasn't being operated yet). And there was no Expansion Model, only this.

                The moved the Magic Access/Annual Pass guest center here. Really HKDL? Do you really want less attractions pertaining to what made Disney great? Sheesh.

                I inquired about the missing Expansion model and where it was now, and I was met with confused faces.

                I interpreted this as one of the following:

                A. language barrier
                B. confusion over who the hell would want to see that model anyway
                C. uncertain where the said models where.
                D. all of the above

                The answer's D. They looked at each other and said that the exhibit is gone and that this was now the the Magic Access center. I kinda figured that out.

                Defeated, I started to walk away, when a mother and daughter approached us to help them figure out their phone. They were also Filipino, clearly first time to HK and didn't know what to do.

                They asked if they could tag along, and suddenly the day looked up with this new challenge. How do we ensure that this mother and daughter make the most of HKDL in five hours?

                I asked the 11 year old girl, Eliza, what she wanted to see first. She pointed to Toy Story Land, so we led them to the train station on Main Street for what should be a quick, leisurely ride to Fantasyland.

                Crabby CMs #3

                We didn't have any run-ins with the CMs per se, but it did not make the trip relaxing. To be fair, neither did the other passengers.

                I am coming from the idea, and I could be wrong so feel free if my expectations are skewed on the unreasonable side of things, that CMs, even when guests do something wrong, should still be paragons of courtesy. In my mind, they should be like preschool teachers who lovingly tell their wards to stop fighting, clean up after themselves, to sit down and keep their hands inside the vehicle. That sort of thing.

                The CMs were not happy. The engineer sitting on the engine had a faraway gaze and was not smiling.

                Now, it could be just the fact that maybe there was something wrong with the train which stressed her and the other CMs out, or maybe it was the unruly guests who kept standing up while the train was moving. Regardless, there was a joyless quality to that train ride.

                Not to mention that it stopped for a good 5-10 minutes in Adventureland. And some guests became restless, and stood up to take pictures. During which the CMs pretty directly told everyone to sit down. Nothing sweet about it, it was a command.

                Toy Story Land & Expansion

                We lined up for Toy Solider Parachute Drop when we realized we should have gotten FastPasses for Winnie the Pooh. I volunteered to get the FPs for our group while they went ahead to ride.

                When I got back the CM greeting us informed that the wait at that point was over an hour, so I decided to document what I can from the expansion.

                First is this picture that we discussed a few months ago, and I posted already early this month.

                The bear doesn't look too cartoony to me, so count me in my faith in the expansion being restored.

                As far as preventing people from climbing up on Rex. Apparently, some people don't understand the concept of a barrier.

                It looked almost as if the kid was posing for me.

                And yes, the Manor is taking shape.

                Really Nice CM# 1

                This bit I mentioned already in the other thread.

                And it was at this point, after I had placed my point and shoot on top of the gate to take the previous picture that a female CM approached me.

                Ooops. I thought. Maybe I did something really wrong.

                She asked if I needed anything. Again, a nice way of checking I have any ill-intent. I said that I was just really disappointed that the expansion models weren't on Main Street anymore. She said I could still see them, and the she knew that it should be in one of the hotels, but wasn't sure. She suggested that I visited Guest Relations at City Hall to find out where.

                Crabby CM #4

                When I saw that they still hadn't gotten on the parachute jump, I decided to line up on the Single Riders line to see if I could catch up with my group. Hopefully we could have ridden more or less at the same time.

                I took pictures of them from where I stood, but they clearly were going to get to ride it before I would, so I started to exit. Along the way out, beside the ride, I saw them get on and began to snap pictures. After a few minutes another CM approached me and told me I can't do that and I had to leave. I tried to tell him that I was on my way out because I did not to ride anymore and just wanted to take pictures of my party as they got on the ride. He just told me that I had to be asked to leave.

                Again, in this case I'm not questioning Disney policies, although I am tempted to. But as I mentioned to HKDL in my email to them:

                "Being told by a CM while I was taking pictures of my party on
                the ride while I was exiting the Single Rider queue at Toy Soldiers
                Parachute Drop, that I can't do that, was not handled delicately. He did
                not try to understand what I was doing ...and just told me off.
                In this case... the lack of care for Guests really ticked me off.
                What a way to ruin the magic HKDL."

                In both cases, I realize I may have violated some park policies I may not have been aware of, but one handled it well, and turned it into a Magical Moment, and one was well, was like being doused with the Dip.

                The First Parade After the 5th Anniversary

                Eliza and her mother really had no idea what they wanted to do or what to expect, and we just asked them to trust us that we'll make sure that whatever we do will be fun.

                For instance, she didn't want to go to Philharmagic, but one the show ended, she was giggling and had a big grin on her face. Same thing with the parade. They were puzzled what the big deal was, but once it started, Eliza was snapping away like crazy on her camera phone.

                It was only after the fact that I realized that it wasn't the 5th anniversary anymore and that all the 5s were replaced with D. Pretty amazing job Disney! It's simple, but it was quick.

                I think I got better pictures from this side of the street.

                Slightly Crabby CMs # 5

                At this point, Eliza and her mom trusted that we knew best.

                We planned to go through the Jungle Cruise and then follow it up with a Lion King show.

                However the lines for Jungle Cruise were even longer that off-peak day rather than the previous day, which technically was a peak day.

                In the half a decade that I've been going to HKDL, there hasn't been a considerable improvement in the Jungle Cruise, and only some missing show pieces. The piranha attack did not occcur on those days. A minor effect, but with very few attractions to maintain, I expect a lot more out of HKDL.

                I understand that English is not the first language of most of the Cast Members, and that's generally fine, except in cases of certain Cast Members that I've mentioned, but when you're handing over shows where the patter is king, then things tend to fall apart. The skippers at Jungle Cruise's general lack of enthusiasm coupled with the incomprehensible use of English, provided a background that sounded mostly like gibberish.

                I've had some fun skippers in HKDL. But those two days, they were just phoning it in and not caring if the guests were responding or not.

                I even prepped Eliza to follow what the skipper would say and to wave when she said to wave. The girl gamely agreed, but it's not very fun if it seems the the skipper looks like she wants to abandon ship.

                The finale, like a mini Catastrophe Canyon with angry gods.

                Wild Goose Chase

                I decided to stop by the City Hall to ask about that missing Expansion project.

                Ponsiettas are still in place, but the Christmas tree magically disappeared over night.

                You can't see it from here, but the gazebo in front of City Hall had kiat-kiat/mini mandarin orange trees out already that day.

                At City Hall, I asked the CMs to make some adjustments to my reservations at Chef Mickey. They did it in a jiff. Real handy!

                However, when I started to ask about the Expansion Model again, their faces changed to confusion. I suppose they had the same reaction as the CMs at the Magic Access. They said it was gone, but when I told them about what the nice CM from TSL told me. They apologized and said that the display was gone and that they're sorry.


                Space Mountain

                It boiled down to either the Golden Mickeys or the Celebration of the Lion King. Since Eliza wanted to see more Disney characters, Golden Mickeys seemed to be the better idea.

                Before we went there, we had FPes for Space Mountain and it would be a shame not to use them.

                Now Eliza and her mom had no idea what Space Mountain is. So they were in for a surprise.

                Schemeing smiles.

                Now Space Mountain by most standards is an average coaster. The HKDL version in particular does not have many drops if any. It relies mostly on sharp turns to give thrills. Eliza and her mother were not average people. They were I don't really ride roller coasters people. I don't know what they were expecting. However, if they were expecting something along the lines of Buzz Lightyear (which we had just ridden prior to Space Mountain), they must have known something was up our purple rockets climbed up that first lift hill.

                The next few minutes resulted in silent screaming the whole way through. The giggling mother and daughter swore they wouldn't get on that ride again.

                The Worst Queue in All of Disneydom?

                We sprinted towards the Storybook Theater and slogged through what I believe to be the worst queue, or at least the cheapest looking one, in all of Disneydom.

                It just feels like a queue that received no love at all. It snakes through a garden with nothing to look at. Well nothing except the awful banners announcing the appearances of the Disney movies in this show.

                Words cannot describe adequately how cheap these banners feel. I understand that they intend to explain the Disney films in Chinese and maybe that's Chinese sensibility at play when they designed them, but by gum they're unclassy!

                They used scenes from the movies, got a screenshot from them them paste them on a generic filmreel template and then changed the color of the backgrounds. It's sloppy and goes against the opulence and romance that the show is trying to convey.

                A good number of the cast is still the same since I could recognize some of them.

                It's a Small World closed that day for about two weeks of refurbs, which was funny since the day before I didn't see any sign of the Christmas overlay.

                At that point it was already 7PM, the fireworks were going to be at 7:30 or so, but they wanted to go home.

                So that's six hours in HKDL that still hit all major attractions, and only missed the Celebration of the Lion King and Stitch Encounter.

                In a Nutshell

                At its worst, the CMs of HKDL made me feel unwelcome. I don't know if I expected too much from this vacation. Maybe I'm just weird for being too enthusiastic and for caring about things.

                Is it a lower standard of customer service? Unrealistic expections on my end? Or just different cultures?

                In the end, I swore that even if some CMs made it feel less magical, we were able to make it magical for a young girl and her mom.


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                  Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                  Thanks for the second part of your trip report. Again nice pictures.

                  I've been to DLRP five times during the last seven years and I've never experienced such unpolite and unfriendly CMs and it is claimed by many people that Disneyland Paris has the worst CMs. Undoubtly they are not as friendly as in the US Parks, but it seems HKDL is worse.

                  I think the language barrier is a huge problem at HKDL and at DLRP, but the commands should be in a more friendly way.

                  Did a CM tell the boy who was climbing on Rex to stop? I always get angry when people don't respect the props. Unfortunately we recognized that during our trips to WDW and Paris as well. The difference was that in Florida the CMs told people to stop while in Paris most of the time they didn't say anything.

                  Did you stay in a Disney Hotel? Do you have pictures of the hotel?


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                    Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                    I think we can all tell which country this boy came from...

                    The big and strong country as they say.
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                      Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                      Originally posted by SirEdge View Post

                      Hi SirEdge, thanks for sharing your trip report and stories.

                      I travelled to HKDL over the New Year and also stayed at the HKDL Hotel, so I was keen to see your photos. Imagine my delight when I saw myself and my partner in the photo above! That's us on the left, me in my Nemo hat, and Della in her pink fluffy Minnie ears from Tokyo Disneyland. I've added a photo of the two of us below, taken the same night in front of the castle! That was our last night and I can remember you guys also walking back to the hotel via the promenade - It is a small world after all...!

                      By the way, I was allowed to take my DSLR on the parachute drop and got stacks of photos, but I had to have the strap around my neck and small cameras had to have a wrist strap as a safety measure, but I'm sure your camera would have been equipped with them.
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                        Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                        Nice report and photos. Its great to see TSL, which had only just began construction when I visited in 2009. Regretably HK is not high on my return destinations, so it might be a while until I get to see the new expansion.
                        I enjoyed seeing the FOF parade photos. This looks to be a big improvement compared to what we saw (although the Glow in the Park Parade was pretty awesome) The Christmas street party also looks decent.
                        Finally, I love the HKDL castle overlay, its unique compared to the other Disney Parks I've visited.

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                          Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                          I agree with SirEdge that the Storybook Theater ( which houses The Golden Mickeys ) has the worst queue of all Disneydoms. The banner looks very ugly and cheap!
                          Sorry for grammar mistakes! I'm not really good in English!


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                            Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                            Originally posted by Dagobert View Post
                            Did a CM tell the boy who was climbing on Rex to stop? I always get angry when people don't respect the props. Unfortunately we recognized that during our trips to WDW and Paris as well. The difference was that in Florida the CMs told people to stop while in Paris most of the time they didn't say anything.

                            Did you stay in a Disney Hotel? Do you have pictures of the hotel?
                            In my previous four trips, I hadn't encountered anything that bad before. It was just this trip, maybe because I expected it to be a Disney vacation.

                            We stayed at the HKDL Hotel, that's the last part of the report.

                            I guess after much reflection, some CMs were just more confused and less into the whole Disney spirit.

                            Let me just say that the CMs found me more worthy of attention than that boy dangling. I was approached for taking pictures about a few minutes after the boy dangled from Rex.


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                              Re: HKDL 2012 Part 2: The (Not So) Happiest Place on Earth

                              Great TR! Thanks for sharing.


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