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Mainland China 2005 Top 10 Tourist News

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  • Mainland China 2005 Top 10 Tourist News

    The opening of Hong Kong Disneyland is on the number 4 spot of the 2005 TOP 10 Tourist news in Mainland China. (survey conducted by a website in China)

    #1 Spring Airlines Maiden Flight between Shanghai and Yantai

    #2 The Completion of Taibet-Qinhai Railroad

    #3 Chartered Direct Flight between Taiwan and Mainland China During Chinese New Year/Spring Festival

    #4 Opening of Hong Kong Disneyland

    #5 The stimulation of outbound travel by the 2% increase in Chinese Yuan Currency

    #6 The Worst Golden Week in 7 years
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    Re: Mainland China 2005 Top 10 Tourist News

    Interesting... I would have thought #3 or #2 would have been bigger news than #1
    (which I did not know at all).