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First visit buttons at HKDL?

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  • [Question] First visit buttons at HKDL?

    Hello, I will be going to the Asian Disney Parks this summer for the first time, and I remember discovering the buttons at Main St. USA too late for the American parks... It wasn't until my fourth visit that I knew about the "First Visit" buttons.

    Does Hong Kong Disneyland have anything like this, or anything else in that vein that I should know about as a first timer?

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    Re: First visit buttons at HKDL?

    There was the Star Guest Program, but I think that ended yesterday.


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      Re: First visit buttons at HKDL?

      Disney Parks are the best way to enjoyments, there are so much fun for children as well as youngsters. Ya you said right Start Guest Program had ended and also hear some thing that Disney authority launch new program for every stage of life.
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