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More characters for HKDL?


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  • [Question] More characters for HKDL?

    So with GG opening they're introducing Koda and Kenai the grizzly bears together with the mice and the chipmunks in western outfits for meet-n-greet. But I think in general there is a lack of variety of characters at HKDL. According to their website, many previously available ones like Alice, the White Rabbit, and even Tinker Bell, are not on the list anymore. And for Adventureland, there is no scheduled character at all.

    So my question is if there are additional characters besides those regular ones listed that show up at the park? And I suggest they bring in more characters - especially the non-princess face characters, for M&G. I think for those that have their own attractions such as the Mad Hatter and Tarzan, they are no brainer. And then we also have characters appearing in it's a small world that can be made available too - such as Aladdin and Jasmine, Peter Pan and Wendy, etc.

    So who do you think should appear at HKDL for M&G?

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    Re: More characters for HKDL?

    Tarzan will never come considering how much of a fangirl response he generates in the Golden Mickeys, It would be a riot. I saw the Queen and Curella Deville roaming the HKDL Hotel so I don't think they're completely off the chart yet. Alice is always out and about Fantasyland but she isn't listed on the park character list anymore. But the M&G character variety is definitely not on par with any of the other parks for sure.

    As for additional M&G characters, I'm fine with more as long as they are free-roaming ones and do not need their own little gazebos and M&G areas (Fantasy Gardens is a waste waste waste of space but its popular so its here to stay). Theres enough wastage of space at the park already (Mystic Gardens? seriously?).

    And then there's always the question of how well the general audience knows the Disney family. I really don't think that many who come to HKDL are aware of the classics such as the Jungle Book, Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood etc.... and its mainly Pixar that nearly everyone is familiar with.


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      Re: More characters for HKDL?

      ORWEN: I recently saw someone's video thingy from HKDL that showed Prince Phillip was out with Aurora and I think Prince Charming was out with Cinderella but I'm not sure how often that happens. The best way to make guests aware of various characters is to have them out and about. They're certainly not going to recognize them if they're hidden away and never seen.

      ORDDU: Yes and even if HKDL Guests don't know a particular character they're seeing all they have to do is ask the cast members who are knowledgable and then they'll learn.

      ORWEN: I don't suppose Mary Poppins is well known over there even though she's out and about in all the other Disney parks--like Tokyo and Paris. If they bring her out in HKDL people will eventually start to know her.


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