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Disney to Be Hot During Festival Holidays

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  • Disney to Be Hot During Festival Holidays

    Hong Kong Disneyland has become the most popular destination for travel during the festival holidays, according to a survey conducted by
    Eighty percent of tourists who visit Hong Kong say they consider Disneyland as their favorite spot. Furthermore, the number of tourists choosing island travel in Southeast Asia has also reached a peak.
    According to's records, hotel and ticket reservations in Hong Kong are extremely hot. Eighty percent of tourists arriving in Hong Kong include a visit to Disneyland. Rooms at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel and Disney's Hollywood Hotel are nearly sold-out. The report shows that Shenzhen Airlines has decided to supply an "Airbridge" service to meet the needs of people visiting Hong Kong. This service enables visitors to arrive in Shenzhen by air, then reach Hong Kong by ship. The "Airbridge" service costs 860 RMB per person.
    Southeast Asia's islands are still popular with outbound Chinese tourists. Tang Yibao, senior manager of the Tourism Service and Products department at, claims the number of people reserving and inquiring about island travel is rising every day. Locations such as Phuket Island, Bali and the Maldives are especially popular. Moreover, the two flights (Shanghai-Phuket) which had reserved for the festival holidays have been sold out.
    At present, the price for Hainan travel has risen by 1000 RMB. It is said that some hotels will no longer be offering competitive discounts, but only current market prices.

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    Re: Disney to Be Hot During Festival Holidays's always hot in Hong Kong, so no big news there.

    ..And HKDL.. you need to get off Google and stop pasting every news article you read on the internet about HKDL. Please post about things we can really argue and discuss in regards to HKDL merits.


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      Re: Disney to Be Hot During Festival Holidays

      It's Winter in HK now. the weather is not hot.