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  • [Question] Last Minute Advice!

    Well I'm about to get on a plane to Hong Kong for a day+ in Disneyland (stop-over). We should be in the park tomorrow and Saturday. Any touring plan tips to beat the crowds? I keep thinking jump on the train at park opening to get to Mystic Point post-haste, for example. Also, is it worth going in the park for an hour before closing on this Thursday evening (should we arrive on time)? Many thanks!

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    Re: Last Minute Advice!

    Hi Bender, I'm going for the first time at the end of this month so any tips you have after you visit I'd appreciate. Have a great time!


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      Re: Last Minute Advice!

      It isn't worth going on Thursday evening since you'll be paying the price for a full day for one hour.

      Regarding how you will beat the crowds, the wait for the train, the ride, then the walk from fantasyland to Mystic Manor will be longer than if you just walked to Mystic Manor. I suggest walking first thing to Mystic Manor then riding it until the line reaches more than 30 minutes. Then move to Grizzly Gulch and ride BGMRMC. That rarely has a line. The only rides in TSL worth riding are RC Racer and TSPD (but it isn't worth waiting more than 20 minutes for). RC never gets a line so there should be no problem. Other must-sees:

      -Space Mountain
      - Stitch Encounter(only if you have time)
      - IASW (I've only been to three disney parks, HKDL, TDS and TDL but HKDLs IASW is MILES better than Tokyos)
      - Golden Mickeys
      - Festival of the Lion King
      - Jungle River Cruise (for the last scene)
      - Pooh (Try to get a FP but if you've been on the Florida version, skip this.)
      - Philharmagic (again, if you've seen WDW version, skip)
      - HKDL railroad
      - Flights of Fantasy
      - Disney in the stars

      Also, the summer program is going on so you can meet mike and sulley and get a MU student card.
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      Favorite Rides:
      1) Mystic Manor(HKDL)
      2) Tower of Terror (TDS, DHS)
      3) Soarin Over California (DCA)
      4) Splash Mountain (TDL)
      5) Haunted Mansion (MK, DL, TDL)

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        Re: Last Minute Advice!

        Sure Bready1, I'll try and post any interesting tips although MickeyHKP appears to have a head-start on me

        MickeyHKP thanks for the tips! We decided not to go to the park tonight but would have if there'd been a 3-day park ticket -- why is there no 3-day ticket? Crazy.

        I thought they'd built a new train stop at Mystic Point but realised that wasn't the case when I saw the park map. Taking the train makes no sense then, I agree.


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          Re: Last Minute Advice!

          So this morning we walked to the park from the Disneyland Hotel which I much prefer to taking the bus. It's such a short walk and you can leave immediately; it also doubles as a good build up to the park.

          We arrived as the park opened, although we knew we could get into the park 30 mins before for breakfast at the Plaza Inn (probably would have been confined to Main Street). The queues to get into the park were long enough to make me think we should have got there a bit earlier. Last minute opening of bags for bag checks, people failing to understand a finger-print mechanism and dropping of tickets can make you wonder...

          We grabbed a map and did a quick jog down Main Street, turning left into Adventureland. By the time we hit Grizzly Gulch we slowed down and walked to Mystic Point. There was no wait and we rode the first car -- probably the best vehicle for the first ride through (based on a tip elsewhere on these boards) -- then walked back to Grizzly Gulch to ride the coaster. As is customary (for me) the first ride was front row. After this we walked back and walked onto Mystic Manor a second time.

          They cycled the ride through on our second time. Not sure why, but it was a short wait at the barrier then we were off. We rode the last car this time, again by choice. Lots of interesting new things to look at, but I wouldn't recommend it for a first ride through (mainly because you enter the one-but-last room too late).

          Anyway, some tips above. More stuff later!


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            Re: Last Minute Advice!

            Thanks, Bender! Appreciate the tips. Looking forward to my trip. How miserable is the heat & humidity? (Born & raised in Southern California so I'm such a cry baby when it comes to weather!)


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              Re: Last Minute Advice!

              Slight delay, back with the remainder of topics and tips.

              We had rain, rain, rain: it started just after midday on the first day and lasted until about 5PM on the second day. By the second day of looking like drowned cats we headed into Hong Kong for lunch, and returned to the park for a lovely few hours in dry Florida-like weather: dusk, humid but not too hot and twilight in the parks. Overall the temperature was warm despite the rain, with high humidity. I suppose if the sun had been out it would have been a fry-up.

              There is a lovely spot to the right of the castle by the wishing-well which is covered and quiet, for a quick reprieve from a deluge.

              Plenty of attractions are indoors so it helps with the rain.

              Okay, random comments and suggestions...

              • Gluten-free tips (for any coeliacs): the Corner Cafe on Main Street was accommodating and had two items on their menu listed as gluten-free
              • An early morning 'sprint' to Mystic Manor meant a walk-on ride. However, at no point during our day did I see the ride time go above 15 minutes
              • Mystic Manor: ride through on the front (i.e. leftmost) car for the first ride to get the least spoilers
              • Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars never had a queue. Ride the front for the most surprising (i.e. first) trip, and the back row for the most thrilling ride (i.e. subsequent rides)
              • Fastpass: we skipped Pooh, so ended up using Fastpass for Buzz and Space Mountain. If you plan your Fastpass you can do consecutive rides on Buzz, although this was pretty much a walk-on also. No point queuing 15mins for Space Mountain though and since the park is small enough it's easy to pickup a pair of passes on the go
              • RC Racer is surprisingly fun, won't be skipping it in the future
              • Fantasyland was by far the busiest part of the park and Autotopia too had a consistent queue. Perhaps it (and Dumbo / Pooh) are the rides to dash for at park opening
              • The best seats for Lion King are IMHO those across from the control / mixing booth (i.e. directly opposite the seating section which has at its top the glass windows)
              • Enrolled into Monsters University (HK$40 if I remember correctly), a neat souvenir
              • Some neat Mystic Manor ride-specific t-shirts and merchandising available. The shop included a 'souvenirs from around the world' section (in keeping with the ride) with Expedition Everest and Tower of Terror offerings (made me smile)
              • IASW is a very good version, well worth suffering everyone's favourite song loop
              • The Rainy Day Express Parade is not worth the wait. Express is the word du jour, as though Mickey has told the driver to step on it

              Overall I thought the addition of the three small lands has done the park a lot of good, but there needs to be some further investment in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. One small dark ride in Fantasyland is just not enough; similarly Tomorrowland is missing something to tie it all together. I think the way Buzz is tucked away in the corner makes it feel like a smattering of rides as opposed to a complete land, but maybe just me. I'm a great fan of how the TTA ties together Florida's Tomorrowland in their MK.

              That's all I can think of. Hope it helps!


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                Re: Last Minute Advice!

                Thanks for all the info, Bender! I leave on Sunday and can't wait.