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Hong Kong Disneyland Projects put on HOLD


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    Re: Hong Kong Disneyland Projects put on HOLD

    Originally posted by Asa View Post
    But It has also been publicly announced, WDC cannot cancel it without looking really horrendous. They don't look that good here already
    Wouldn't be the first time. Just look into WDW's history.

    And on the topic of MiceAge's recent article. I do not think People like Dusty and Norm/Fishbulb would put themselves into positions that would embarrass themselves in front of their own audience and friends. If you want to ask Dusty straight out his email is one the contact us page and the link is at the bottom of this page directly. I am friends with Dusty and Norm and they do not like this news anymore than we do. I, personally, want more attractions in the parks and although Star Wars in DL is not that appealing to me I would say any chance of WDI going in and working in the parks is a good thing. HKDL is a really small but charming park and the addition of another attraction would be wonderful.
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      Re: Hong Kong Disneyland Projects put on HOLD

      Short and sweet of it isn't that Dusty and Co put out false information, they just were given a few pieces of the puzzle and made overarching conclusions that were off the mark.

      Nothing to do with HKDL has changed in the past few weeks. Continue to expect Iron Man in 2016.

      As per the stateside projects, Star Wars is briefly on hold as they are waiting on the script to incorporate content from Episode VII. Everything to do with changes in the Star Wars writing team, nothing to do with My Magic+.

      Since that's on hold, some resources are being shifted to SDL in the interim as a happy compromise to keep the imagineers busy as they wait on Star Wars re-writes.

      My Magic+ is also a bit of a mess. However MyMagic+/SDL/StarWars are in no way related apart from they were all discussed at the recent meeting in Orlando. The problem is the Mice Age article took the liberty of suggesting causation because A + B, therefore C (cancel everything), whereas that's absolutely not the case at all.


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