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Crowds in late February?


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  • [Question] Crowds in late February?

    I'll be in Hong Kong the week of February 18th and while my schedule there is very tight, I'll be able to squeeze in a morning at the park. I was planning on getting there at 10am opening and spending 4-6 hours there. Unfortunately I'm unable to do more. My main priorities are Mystic Manor, Grizzly Gulch and Jungle Cruise. Was wondering if people could give me some sort of idea of what crowds I should expect and, also, what else is a must see? I live in LA and frequent the Anaheim park, so mainly looking for unique aspects of the park. I also hope to be able to just walk around and take in the atmosphere. Hoping crowds aren't too bad - will probably go Monday, February 18th.

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    Re: Crowds in late February?

    I'd personally recommend a leisurely walk before the opening of the park.

    As many have indicated the the HKDL MTR station is beautiful, walk to the fountain, soak it in. But instead of turning right into the park, walk on ahead until you reach the HKDL Hotel, which is beautiful in its own right (like a younger sibling of the Grand Floridian).

    Crowds tend to be build up in the morning, but so far, nothing as crazy as the other parks. It only looks that crowded because the park is small. And since you're far away from Chinese New Year, and the 18th is a Tuesday, the crowds should be manageable.

    What I love about HKDL is that you used to be able to ride Space Mountain as many times as you want since the wait used to be five to ten minutes. The last time I visited though, it swelled up to 30+ minutes. Big Grizzly Mountain, however, seems to be less popular.

    HKDL really excels at its shows, The Festival of the Lion King is a crowd-pleaser which many say is better than the AK version. I really like The Golden Mickeys show, it's cheesy, but I'll take any show that includes Quasimodo in it (but some tired staples imo are in it, I mean why do so many shows have to include Under the Sea in its predictable presentation? Why not Kiss the Girl? I digress).

    Oh yeah, it may be unpopular with the enthusiasts, but Toy Story Land has a nice atmosphere. RC Racers is the only ride worth taking there, but the Parachute will yield nice views of the park.

    The Flights of Fantasy parade is a neat little gem of HKDL. Personally, I look at it as the first indicator of HKDL's rebirth as a more legitimate park. But if it rains, skip the Rainy Day parade. It literally takes less than a minute to see that one.


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