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Disney's PhotoPass at Hong Kong Disneyland


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  • News Disney's PhotoPass at Hong Kong Disneyland

    Apparently PhotoPass has been introduced to HKDL. I was wondering if this was the first step in introducing MyMagic+ to HKDL since PhotoPass is the only MyMagic+ equipped service that HKDL is missing.

    Here's the link:
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    Re: Disney's PhotoPass at Hong Kong Disneyland

    Excited to see this news. My family always uses Photopass and we are going to HKDL in two weeks. We were bummed they didn't have it, but now we don't have to miss out!


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      Re: Disney's PhotoPass at Hong Kong Disneyland

      I hope MyMagic+ never comes to HKDL. I'd hate to have CM's pretending to know my name and I don't want to book a Fastpass anywhere else than in a Fastpass line. Besides... there are no lines to rides in HKDL anyway.
      MyMagic+ is a stupid way to fix something that never was broken.

      What HKDL needs is 2-3 more rides in Fantasyland and one each for the other lands.


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        Re: Disney's PhotoPass at Hong Kong Disneyland

        I am at Hong Kong Disneyland right now, and I am bummed to report that what we know as PhotoPass elsewhere (Disneyland, Aulani, WDW) is not what PhotoPass is at Hong Kong Disneyland. The photographers do not have a reusable card you can use. Instead you get the old multiple paper slips you have to keep track of throughout the day. Then you have to go on the same day to the camera store in Main Street and order the photos then there or they will disappear. If you have a multi-day vacation in Hong Kong Disneyland, you have to do the same thing each day and pay for multiple days separately (each day is 398 HK$ so that adds up!). The only thing that resembles "PhotoPass" is the card that they give you in the camera shop at the end of this process if you order digital downloads. You use the code on that card much like you use the code on regular PhotoPasses to then download your pictures from the Disney PhotoPass site. I wonder why Hong Kong Disneyland decided to roll out such inferior product and not simply implement the regular PhotoPass!


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