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Some questions about the Park

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  • Some questions about the Park

    Just looking over the map I recieved from one brilliant MiceChatter, I have some questions I hope you lot can answer.
    1. Is the park open on Mondays and/or Sundays? The Times Guide lists things as 'Tuesday-Friday' and 'Saturday'.
    2. Are most/all of the facades on Main Street home to shops/arcades, like in other Magic Kingdoms? The map lists five shops, but it is hard to believe five shops can fill the whole of the park's Main Street, looking at it. Or are some just empty facades, like San Francisco at DCA?
    3. Where will "its a small world" go? Will it be like the Magic Kingdom where it is like any other dark ride in the courtyard of the castle, or will it have its own facade like DL, TDL and DLP? If so, where will this facade go - the most likely place I think will be between the Liki Tikis in Adventureland and Dumbo.
    4. Are there Dapper Dans at the park? I read somewhere that Dapper Dans from Orlando were training up new ones for Hong Kong, but on the times guide they are not listed.

    Thanking you!

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    Re: Some questions about the Park

    I'm no expert, Speedway, but I'll attempt to field some of those for you.

    1. According to the official site, the park is open seven days. Hours vary, as they do with the other parks. Check the site for specific events and hours on any given month.

    2. I'll let someone else field that, but the site lists 8 shops: Emporium; Main Street Sweets; Main Street Mercantile; The Curiosity Shop; Town Square Photo; Midtown Jewelry; Crystal Arts and Silhouette Shop.

    3. All plans for future attractions, aside from the ones annouced, are still TBA. It is rumoured to come out sometime between now and Summer 2007/2008. Not sure where it will go, or what it will be, but one can only imagine it will be a copy of the Californian one. I defer to someone with more brain capacity than me... ?

    4. There ARE Dapper Dans at HKD. I've seen them in many publicity shots. Also mentioned in most press. My understanding is that they wander up and down Main Street, rather than a fixed barbershop, for example.

    Hope that was SOME help, at least. I'll be more help in about 6 months time
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      Re: Some questions about the Park

      1) 7 days a week. Thats how they had so many ticked off visitors getting closed out in New Years.
      2) Full shops...Like WDW's Main Street left is pretty much the Emporium I think that is how HK's goes...but yo can see in photos there are full indoor walking areas up the street, plus covered walkways (interestingly) going from door to door across the side streets.
      3) Supposed to be a Disneyland clone. Including exterior loading and facade. My guess is the colorful garden area between Dumbo and has the most space backstage.
      4) Uh...