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Average 2% - 5% pay raise at HKDL- Mingpao News - 3/9/2006


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  • Average 2% - 5% pay raise at HKDL- Mingpao News - 3/9/2006


    【明報專訊】香港迪士尼樂園4400名前線員工,上月起獲平均加薪2%至5%,只有100人因表現未達公司標準而不獲加薪。另外,50 0名管理級人員亦於下月起獲相同幅度的加薪。不過,工會表示,有員工因不滿公司的加薪標準及政策而選擇辭職 。
    表現未達標 百人不獲加薪
    樂園發言人表示,這次薪酬調整是按市場趨勢及員工表現而定。4500名前線員工中,98%由上月起可獲加薪 2%至5%,餘下約100人因表現未達公司標準,故不獲加薪。另一方面,倘員工於去年9月12日樂園開幕後 才入職,加薪幅度須減半。
    樂園職工會籌委之一龐家蕾表示,公司答應曾到美國受訓的文化大使,可獲保證額外加薪2%,若扣除這個百分比 ,他們實際獲得加薪的幅度較一般員工小,不少人感到不滿,亦有員工認為評分欠公允,未必真實反映他們的工作 表現。
    樂園發言人否認員工加薪欠公平,指文化大使加薪2%至7%。至於工會指合約中訂明,文化大使可於下月再獲加 薪,但現時仍未有消息。樂園發言人解釋,除了2%的保證加薪外,這批員工已按表現作薪酬調整。

    Source : Ming Pao News (in chinese only)

    Partial Translation:
    According to an informed source in Hong Kong Disneyland 4400 front-line staff, have received the average pay raise somewhere between 2% and 5% last month. Only 100 people who do not achieve the required performance standards do not qualify for a pay raise. In addition, 500 managers will receive the same magnitude of the increase next month. However, the union said that because of dissatisfaction with the company's staff salary increase standards and policies some have chosen to resign. Spokeman said that this pay adjustment is based on market trends and the performance of staff. 4500 front-line staff, 98% were offered a pay rise of 2% to 5%, about 100 people from the company whose performance is unsatisfactory standards did not receive a salary increase.

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