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  • Parade Route

    Any guesses on how HKDL will do parades? From the aerial construction photos, it looks like a parade route is taking shape northeast of the hub (assuming looking up main street = north), threaded between FL and TL.

    Do you think parades will enter/exit on the right side of Town Square, like DL? There is a road visible that leads east from the space between Main Street and Tomorrowland. It looks like it goes under a railroad bridge. They could run floats along that path and back around to the top of the park. Or they could hold the parades between Main Street and TL and send them back in the direction they came (DL style). I think that approach is pretty outdated.

    Also, are they getting Parade of the Stars? That would be a sad debut. Haven't heard much on that in awhile. I work at WDW and I'm thankful for Spectro. One of the last great Disney parades, IMO. Maybe Parade of Dreams will live up to expectations (off topic, but I'm from CA, so every topic leads back to DL)

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    Yes, that is their parade route.
    Not sure how they will exit, but it seems like they will exit in the Disneyland, CA direction an style, but be driven back through backstage like at WDW (just on the east side of the park).
    No, their parade will not be parade of the stars. They are getting their own parade called something like "Disney on Parade", and will be mostly floats borrowed from Tokyo disneyland parades, and supposedly a few from disneyland's parade of the stars. but overall, it will be a somewhat original production.


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      Yes. Originally HK was getting Parade of Stars (the worst parade in DL history, IMHO), but it got out in the mainstream media and suddenly Disney said that it wasn't the case. Still, I wouldn't get excited by the likely offering as it will likely be quite generic.


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        I think from what I've heard, light magic was the worst parade :P

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          Light Magic wasn't a parade ... it was a 'streetacular' ... sorry, had to do it!


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            I heard they were getting DL's costumes with TDL's floats.... (cheaper to do that and might be better)

            But it might have just been a rumor... or it was the other way around...
            (aren't they getting a Main Street Electrical Parade... WDW's original one perhaps...)


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