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HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening


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  • HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening


    To celebrate the anniversary of the original Disneyland, July 17, the HKDL Team are pleased to present the very first English-language Hong Kong Disneyland fansite on the Internet.

    We believe this is the most comprehensive collection of articles ever assembled on Disney's newest theme park, and the good news is that we are going to keep on growing as the park does.

    To think - it all started as a humble suggestion on this very forum.

    Click on the banner above, or below, or visit

    Last edited by Loomis; 07-16-2006, 08:09 PM.
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks

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    Re: HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening



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      Re: HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening

      ORDDU: This is, indeed, a momentuous occasion, Loomis duckling! In fact, it's SO wonderful that my sisters and I feel inspired to offer chistening gifts--just as Flora, Fauna and Merryweather did for the baby Princess Aurora on her Christening Day! Of course we'll dispense with the gifts of beauty and song and go straight for the more appropriate gifts.

      ORWEN: Can I go first?

      ORGOCH: Sure wouldn't want ya ta go last!! Somebody's gotta be left ta clean up whatever mess yer gonna' make a the whole thing!

      ORDDU: Actually, I think I should be the one to go first. (Pauses to consider the various possibilities.) Little Loomis, lean and fair--for saving creatures everywhere--my gift to your web-footed site; is meant to bring forth shining light. It shall become quite read by all--and truly loved by Great and small. To everyone who conjurs you, they'll be addicted through and through. They'll give up sleep and give up work. Except for you, all else they'll shirk. Your site will have a trillion hits--and not just by the kids with zits--.

      ORWEN: --That was beautiful, Orddu! But now it's my turn to bless this newest web-footed site. (Pauses to think) Little Loomis, so well-bread; may you always be well fed. For--without a lot to eat--your many deadlines you won't meet. May vege-burgers reign supreme--with lots of sweets from Krispy Kreme.

      ORGOCH: (preparing to add her own blessing but suddenly pauses in suprise.) Well, what the--?

      (Puff of smoke)

      HORNED KING: this is where to find the one who dares to create a new web site without, first, consulting me--ME the Master of all evil! Well, here's MY blessing, Loomis!! Before the sun sets on your web site's 16 anniversary, it will be shut down with viruses--big and small--creating chaos for one and all!

      (Horned King disappears in another puff of smoke)

      ORGOCH: Well, Good Lord! I was sure he'd be too busy helpin' Osama Bin Laden find his next hidin' place ta bother with the likes a us!

      ORDDU: I suppose it's up to you, dear, to reverse the curse.

      ORGOCH: Don't know if I cain! But I cain soften it a little--maybe. Okay, Loomis, here goes: If, 'cause a this old toad's curse, a virus should make things lots worse--a ray a hope they's gonna' be--by lettin' witches watch yer site fer free. We'll scan the web ta make things safe--not lettin' in no spam er chafe. No sir, we won't let nothin' through--not me er Orwen er Orddu!!

      ORWEN: That was just beautiful and I think I'm gonna' cry.

      ORDDU: (sniff) Me too. Just let us know how to conjur up your web-footed site, Loomis duckling, and we'll make sure you're part of our witness protection program. Hugs and kisses!!!


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        Re: HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening

        Hahaha, thank you witches for your rather interesting blessing of the site.

        Just in case anybody is unaware, the URL for the HKDL Source is

        If you have any comments or find any bugs (we should hope not), please contact us via the form on the site or say something here on the forum.

        Stay tuned as we prepare "Phase I" expansion of the site soon
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          Re: HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening

          ORGOCH: What's that, V123, ducklin'? Gotta bug already? Guess us Cauldron gals better git on it right away. We'll squash the little critter an' make Orwen eat it--if we has ta!


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            Re: HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening

            Just signed up!


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              Re: HKDL Source Fansite Grand Opening

              Nice site! Glad to see one is finally up!


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