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HKDL links with Ngong Ping 360 to lure more tourists, Orisun News


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  • HKDL links with Ngong Ping 360 to lure more tourists, Orisun News


    【東方日報專訊】香港迪士尼(相關新聞 - 網站)樂園(相關新聞 - 網站)酒店開業接近一年,為延長旅客在酒店停留的時間,酒店方面正積極計劃主動出擊,日後邀請昂坪3 60(相關新聞 - 網站)合作,合辦一條龍旅遊套餐,讓旅客可一連數天在大嶼山玩盡迪士 尼樂園、昂坪360及其他景點。旅遊業界人士認為構思可行,值得加以研究。

    香港迪士尼樂園酒店營運總經理盧沛德接受專訪時說,一般旅客只會入住迪士尼樂園的酒店一至兩晚,但在市區酒 店卻會停留較久。「究竟該怎樣延長旅客在酒店入住的時間?我們的機遇就是與鄰居合作,將大嶼山打造成一個旅 遊勝地。」他說,迪士尼計劃與昂坪360合作,例如讓入住樂園酒店的旅客,可以暢遊樂園及乘搭纜車,甚至可 出海觀賞中華白海豚。該計劃現仍在構思階段,但他有信心大嶼山將成為一個具國際級數的旅遊景點 。

    香港入境團旅行社協會主席吳光偉認為,迪士尼的計劃可讓大嶼山同區旅遊景點互補優勢,構思不俗,但須研究是 否真的可行,同時要確保消費者得益。他認為,迪士尼與其向旅客直銷各項優惠,倒不如向本地業界提供更大回佣 ,令本地旅行社積極推出更多行程花款,刺激旅客人數增多。

    盧沛德表示,現時旅客在樂園酒店停留時間雖然不長,但是勝在人流夠多,而在兩間酒店之中,又以價錢較便宜的 好萊塢酒店較為優勝,更經常出現訂房爆滿的情形。
    他強調,迪士尼樂園酒店價錢昂貴接近一倍,但服務完善,包括有水療(相關新聞 - 網站)、婚禮及會議設施,絕對物有所值,相信迪士尼樂園酒店的生意額在暑假會急起直追。

    今年本港會有六千至七千間新酒店房間落成,盧認為,香港旅遊業發展迅速,一定需要更多酒店容納旅客,亦象徵 會有更多人到訪迪士尼樂園,故他不擔心競爭,且迪士尼形象獨一無二,特別是卡通人物深受小朋友歡迎,這些都 是外間難以媲美的。不過,他透露,最近人氣急升的史迪仔不會在迪士尼酒店出現,原因是「牠在樂園那邊實在太 忙碌了」。

    Source : ORISUN News

    Partial Translation:
    In an effort to boost more tourists to the park and staying more nites at Disneyland Hotel, HKDL is planning to actively pursue cooperation with Ngong Ping 360( the cable car ride at Lantau Island).

    Note: Ngong Ping 360 is still not yet opened to public as of 1/Aug/2006

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    Re: HKDL links with Ngong Ping 360 to lure more tourists, Orisun News

    For Your Information, Ngong Ping 360 opens today(18/9/2006)!!!

    Photo Credit: Wenweipo

    Photo Credit: Wenweipo


    The 8 minute cartoon "a Monkey's Tale" at Ngong Ping 360 was done by Eric Goldberg.....

    Eric Goldberg: I've just finished doing an eight-minute cartoon called A Monkey's Tale for a Buddhist cultural center outside of Hong Kong. The Ngong Ping Village attraction (Ngong Ping 360 as they are officially calling it) was built by the MTR Corporation near the world famous Tian Tan Big Buddha. It’s one of two films produced for the attraction, each being housed in their own specialized theaters. A Monkey's Tale is in the, what else, Monkey Tale Theatre and is projected as a triptych by three high-definition projectors, fifteen feet high by forty-eight feet wide, and the basic premise is that it is a little parable about greed, and my handling of it gagged it up considerably. It's produced by Allen Yama****a, who came up with the original story concept, and Oric Scott De Las Casas. Martin Zurauskas was the executive producer and Kaye Robinson was co-producer, and I had on it my kind of core repertory company: Susan [Goldberg, Eric’s wife] did the art direction, Scott Johnston was the visual effects director, and Bert Klein was my lead animator. They all did a sterling job and for a while we were the only 2D employment in town. We had about fifteen animators and about 45 cleanup artists. They'd just come off of Curious George, and were waiting for Enchanted, and we kind of got them from one monkey to the next. We had some fabulous animators but it was very gruelling to do it. The story is that there are three monkeys trying to steal a peach from the hand of the ancient statue of the Monkey King, and the action's all played out in pantomime other than the occasional monkey noise. The monkeys are named Clever, Doofus and Tag-a-long. Clever is the schemer, he's the one who gets the other two to do his bidding for him. To me it's kind of Buddhism gagged up, but the Buddhist monks seem to like it. Clever is in the Sylvester and Coyote vein, and Doofus is a doofus, deadpan most of the time, and Tagalong's like the little brother you can't get rid of. Basically, once we had the premise and there were some rough storyboards done by Dean Wellins, they kind of let me run with it in terms of putting a lot of content into it and really making the characters alive, giving them specific personality. It was a difficult job to do because it was formatted on a sextuple sixteen field, basically six sixteen field pieces of paper comprised the screen, so mechanically it was very difficult for every one to work on. We had to work that large because it's going to be in high definition, so we had to make sure all the drawings were going to be large enough to really hold up, and everyone did a magnificent job. I'm so proud of everyone's work on it and hopefully despite the fact that it was difficult to do everybody came back saying, "These characters are fun to draw." It's kind of a good old-fashioned cartoon in a way of the type that isn't made that often these days.

    AN: And that's going to be playing near Disneyland Hong Kong?

    EG: Yes, very near Disneyland Hong Kong on Lantau Island. Now, I say "film" but it's environmental, so we have in-house gags like when something gets destroyed there's dust that spews out over the audience, when rain occurs there's actual physical rain in the theater. We've got 360-degree sound. There are gags that go all the way around the theater. And obviously this one is quite whimsical compared to the other film that they are doing, Walking With Buddha, which is directed by my producers on this film, Allen Yama****a and Oric Scott De Las Casas. It’s much more serious, about the life of Buddha. I think they cast me right to do the funny one.
    Source: animated-news

    Video Clip for the opening of Ngong Ping 360 today (source : HK TVB)
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      Re: HKDL links with Ngong Ping 360 to lure more tourists, Orisun News

      That film looks VERY cute, although the aspect ratio may be a bit too wide. I have difficulty taking in the whole picture at once, and have to divert my eyes from pieces of it to look at the artwork in the corners.

      Just a random thought. I'm no filmmaker.


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