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Can you smell the lov ... I mean, quality?


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  • Can you smell the lov ... I mean, quality?

    From today's NY Times story on the new park:

    <<"I've had curry before and I've had sushi before, but this was a hamburger that didn't taste like a hamburger that I knew," said Tom Fitzgerald, a senior creative executive at Imagineering. (He said it tasted like pork meat loaf.) "You don't want to say, 'Well, this is the way we make a hamburger in the States and so that's the way we're going make a hamburger here.' " Disney went with the proposed burger.

    The park has a topiary garden where Minnie and Mickey Mouse and other characters will pose for photographs with guests, a favorite pastime with international parkgoers. One of the most anticipated attractions is the Jungle River Cruise. Unlike other parks with a similar attraction, Disney has created Cambodian ruins for guests to float past, and an unruly pack of hippos. "Instead of the guns that scare off the hippos, we actually have our hippos in Hong Kong have bad breath and then they belch," said Mr. Fitzgerald.>>

    Great to know that in addition to bad burgers, we can have belching hippos too -- and they are PROUD of this! Wanna bet the hippos smell just like Stitch's chili-dog breath?

    And now Jim Hill, who usually gets it wrong but ..., says New Delhi Disneyland is just around the corner. Gotta love it. WalMarting Disney all around the world!

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