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  • Training Begins!

    500 HKDL CM's have descended on WDW in Florida to start learning everything there is to know about the Disney way of life (at least- everything that can be learned in a month!)

    The full text of the article detailing this is here:

    Many of the things we take for granted as being part of our culture, they have to learn from scratch. Is this a good way to train? Will 500 people be able to teach the Disney way of life to thousands, and eventually millions of chinese people?
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    ORDDU: My sisters and I have had the opportunity to speak with many of the Chinese Cast Members--who have been in Florida during March and April. All of them were very delightful and seemed fully able to carry on the special brand of Disney Magic.

    ORWEN: We're going to miss them, too, since they all have to be back in Hong Kong by May.


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      I too have had many positive experiences with these chinese CMs as well.. They certainly bring much needed positive attitudes to the overall WDW CM group. I sure hope they don't pick up some of the bad habits from few of WDW's CMs that are so prevalent in their questionable demeanor based on what I have experienced at WDW in the last few years. Plus I sure hope the HKDL CM's in training here do go away with the understanding that they and only they can make a little park like that successful.


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        ORGOCH: Well, Heck! What worries me is what they's gonna' think 'bout witches, in gen'ral, after havin' ta put up with two looney sisters like mine!! Don't want 'em thinkin' we're ALL morons and tramps!!!


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