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HK Ocean Park vs Disney Theme Park in Mainland China ??


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  • HK Ocean Park vs Disney Theme Park in Mainland China ??

    the chairman of Hong Kong Ocean Park, Allan Zeman has revealed to the press that HK Ocean Park has been invited by various cities in Mainland China to setup a Marine Theme Park, possibly in or after 2010.

    Hong Kong Ocean Park Postpones Mainland Theme Park Plans

    September 18, 2006

    Hong Kong media report that Hong Kong Ocean Park's visitor number has been on the rise despite the opening of rival Hong Kong Disneyland and this increase has encouraged the company to consider opening another theme park in the mainland in 2010.

    Allan Zeman, chairman of Hong Kong Ocean Park, told local media that the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland in September last year has not stopped their visitor growth. Instead, they estimate that they will receive 4.2-4.3 million visitors this year, which is 7% more than that of last year and creates a new record for the company.

    Allan Zeman said that a lot of cities from the mainland are contacting them for launching a theme park in mainland China, but since they have not finished their Hong Kong expansion project, they will have to postpone the plan for opening a new theme park in the mainland until 2010.

    At present, about 100,000 people have bought annual tickets for Ocean Park. The park estimates that these people come to the park about seven times each year.
    Source: China Hospitality News

    Shanghai Disneyland Vs Shanghai HKOP?
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    Re: HK Ocean Park vs Disney Theme Park in Mainland China ??

    It all needs Central approval first, though, right?

    I could see HKOP getting a mainland park just because they offer a unique, hard to clone product in acquiring and maintaining live animals. A Disneyland could more easily be cloned, although whether you get something awesome or something that looks like Nara Dreamland JP is up to who you hire and how much you spend.


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