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WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07


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  • WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

    Family business has dictated my spending six weeks in Asia right after the start of the year and I definitely intend to see the three remaining Disney parks I haven't visited and maybe a possible future Disney site or two as well.

    Most of my time will be spent in HK and Shanghai, so I will see a whole lot more of China than I will Japan, but I am posting this in both the HK and Tokyo forums to get as many opinions as I can as I start planning.

    My HK accomodations will be arranged, although I'll likely spend a couple of nights at HKDL to get a feel for the place. So now some general questions and PLEASE feel free to offer spirited advice.

    First, what's the weather like in HK in winter (January/February). I know Tokyo can be quite cold, but what about HK? How easy is it to get to HKDL from the center of the city? Is there some holidays/busy period during my time there to avoid the new park?

    What sites, areas, restaurants etc are can't miss?

    Any advice on best method of getting from HK to Shanghai, keeping in mind I may have to go back and forth a few times?

    As for Tokyo, I will have very limited time to 'see the sights' but want to do my best. I'm planning three full days for the Disney parks. What else is can't miss and close by? How easy is it to get around with ZERO knowledge of Japanese?
    Any hotel recomendations, either near TDL and further away? Also, I hate sushi, so I don't care where the best is :-)

    When I'm at TDL and TDS, what are things I can skip and what are must-sees?

    Any advice appreciated ...

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    Re: WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

    Lucky WDW!!

    Can't help you on the weather, but can help on the other stuff i just spent 2 weeks in HK a couple of months ago.

    HKDL Resort is beautiful! has the most beautiful Backdrop of any disney park! and even though we all know it is very small and lacking in Attraction's i still manged to spend 3 days there,

    If your going to stay onsite for a day or two i'd opt for the Hollywood Hotel, it's cheaper than the disneyland Hotel, and it just Beautiful! everything is pur disney detailing.

    I don't think crowd's will be too difficult except for Autopia and the Stich Attraction, when i was there both had 90+ min waits it was Sumer holiday's at the time and Space had a wait of 45 mins, but 5 mins for single rider. Pooh was the other big wait at 90 mins! but you could proberly skip that.

    Getting to HKDL from HK Central is easy there is the amazing Train system that takes about 25 mins, plust a go on the great Mickey Train to the Resort, than outside the Resort train Station there are busses to the Hotels. Or you could just take a Taxi, that's what we did in the end it worked out to about $25US and was about 40min trip.

    There is so much to see in HK though it is one amazing city, very busy! there is the Light show to see that covers the whole city skyline and is amazing, you have to take the Tram up to 'The Peak' which is the highest point on HK Island asnd gives amazing views of this amazing city. you could goto Ocean park but proberly will be dissipointed it is quite run down and looks like a negleted Seaworld.

    Take the ferry across the harbor at least once.

    Goto Ladies market(just a name for everyone) and also Temple St Night Market, these are amazing busy and every bit of fake merchandise you can get your hands on. if your a techno Junkie, you'll love HK, not as hardcore as Japan (i'd Imagine) but still expect to see so many things you'll proberly see in the US in like a year!

    If you have the time take a long bus ride to Stanely MArket, it was great and lots of real factory reject clothing from lots of designer lable's.

    Also check out some temples they are quite beautiful we went to the Temple of 10000 Buddah's and after almost dying up the 900 step path to it, it was amazing. You should check out The Big buddah on Lantau Island and take the new Neoing Ping 360 Cable car to it, wasn't open when we wnet but look's amazing. you jsut goto Sunnybay Station and it's there. Also there is a big factory outlet mall got a great pair of Addias' for $40 buck which were $190 back home!

    Getting around everywere in Hong Kong is easy there Public Transport is amazing and Cheap! and CLEAN!!! plus you can walk so many places too.

    if you like Vegas you might like to check out Macau, lots of Casino's and filth but if you don't care much for Vegas Steer Clear from the Place it's a poor man's Vegas FLITHY!! run down, and lots of crappy little casino's much like downtown Vegas, only now are the big ones' being built. Fisherman's Warf here is crap too , built nice but everything is shuttered but and the rapids ride and coaster are a joke and not worth the $20 bucks!

    Anywho, have a great time! i have a heap of photo's up on if ya want to familer yourself with some things, Damn now you've got me wanting to go again!

    Have a great time WDW!


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      Re: WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

      Just to add to bigglesworth's already thorough comments, when in Hong Kong get yourself an Octopus card. For an initial cost of HK$150, you get a card with HK$100 credit that you can use on virtually any transportation and many convenience stories for things like small food items and stamps and so on. Just by way of cost calculation, a trip from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island via ferry - for example - costs a mere HK$2-3. That's less than $1USD. You'll have heaps of credit for the majority of your back and forthing and you can add credit.

      For Disneyland resorting, I can highly recommend Disney's Hollywood Hotel, as I have just come back from there. My full trip report can be found here. While all the Hong Kong islands are geographically close, Lantau - and specifically the HKDL resort - is a bit more removed if you are relying on public transport or want to be able to wander out to the shops, so I wouldn't say anything more than 3 nights at the resort itself. In fact, I'd say it was ideal. (However, the train line connects back with the main MTR lines, making it very easy to get back and forth between islands. It is quite simply one of the best public transportation systems in the world)!


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        Re: WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

        I already posted my answer to you on LP Mr. 74. But Loomis did bring up a very good suggestion about the Octopus card.


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          Re: WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

          Sounds like a fun trip WDW1974!

          To add my two bobs (20c) worth:
          I visited HKDL in the later half of January this year and found the weather to be acceptable. Whilst the temperature was a potentially chilly 18 degrees celcius, the humidity was very high. We wore a mix of shorts and t-shirts on some days and long pants and long-sleeved shirts on others. It was that kind of borderline weather, it depends on how active you want to be.

          Further to Loomis' Octopus card suggestion, I can vouch for the tourist Octopus cards. I have used them on more than one trip as it provides 1 or 2 Airport Express train trips to/from the airport (your choice), 72 hours of unlimited MTR use from first trip at a regular MTR (non Airport Express) station, plus $20HKD of Octopus credit for use on other public transport. The best part is that it becomes a regular Octopus card after the 72 hours of MTR travel so you can continue to load it and pay on a trip by trip basis as normal commuters do. The 2nd Airport Express trip (if you purchased a 2 trip card) does not have to be used within the 72 hours either. I guess this depends on where you're staying and if anyone is picking you up; if you don't need to get yourself to/from the airport then just a regular Octopus is probably better. The 3 days of unlimited MTR travel are good for days that you're in HK itself; it is really easy to clock up some decent km's on their network. More details are at

          Further to bigglesworth003's comments about queues, we found that there weren't any serious waits for any attractions in January. Space Mountain ballooned to a max of 40mins and everything else was pretty much a walk on or 5 minute wait. Exceptions were Orbitron and Dumbo, both of which had queues filling up their covered areas (15mins wait I guess, but I didn't try) and Pooh (90mins!). Even the fastpass queue for Pooh took us about 30mins to get through. Both shows were popular, filling up at all the performances that I went to, so make sure you queue in time to get good seats.

          I don't think there are any holidays to look out for at this time of year except for Chinese New Year. In 2007 the new year begins on February 18, so make sure you're out of town by then, unless you want to join in the celebrations of course.

          I would recommend the train to get to Shanghai but it takes around 24 hours to do the trip so if you have to make the trip several times flying may be a better option.

          Let us know what happens and have a great trip!
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            Re: WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

            January and February is near Chinese New Year and is the coldest months in Hong Kong. A word of warning, we don't do heatings over here so everywhere is just cold. Temp will be 10 degree C plus but it will feel very cold because of the lack of heating systems.

            During actual Chinese New Year many places will be shut, but Disney and all other tourist attractions will remain open.

            I don't know whether heatings exist in Disney and its hotels. Maybe someone else can help.

            Don't forget to try all the good food here though. You name it, we have it and more.
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              Re: WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

              Thanks for all the advice ...I had read (somewhere ... maybe here) about those Octopus Cards ... the only real concern I have at this point is weather being frigid, but ain't nothing can be done about it. Besides, I bought a great winter coat for NYC last year and I can always bring that.


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                Re: WDW1974 descending on HK in early '07

                WDW1974... read Mellywil's trip report from TDR in the TDR section here, so you can have an idea what to expect...


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