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The Size of HKDLR, official figures!!!


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  • The Size of HKDLR, official figures!!!

    Hong Kong Disneyland is supported by
    major infrastructure development in the
    area, including:

    • Formation of the 280 hectare site
    (the size of about 250 football fields)
    • 8 km of carriageways from North
    Lantau to Penny’s Bay
    • A public pier (Disneyland Resort Pier)
    and transport interchanges
    • A police post and a fire station-cumambulance
    depot, designed to match
    the architecture of the theme park
    and with environment-friendly
    features such as recycling rainwater
    for vehicle washing and irrigation
    • Extensive landscaping to provide
    a setting commensurate with the
    ambiance of Hong Kong Disneyland.
    Over 110 hectares have been planted
    with more than 5 million trees and
    • The Inspiration Lake Recreation
    Centre, featuring Hong Kong’s largest
    artificial lake (12 hectares), which also
    serves as an irrigation reservoir
    Future Development

    Hong Kong Disneyland and the
    Disney-themed hotels occupy about
    126 hectares of the site for Phase 1.
    To encourage repeat visits,
    the Government and Disney have
    agreed that new attractions and
    facilities should continue to be
    developed. Construction of one new
    attraction – the Autopia – has already
    started and is due for completion
    in 2006.

    The Government has given Disney
    an option to buy a site of about 54
    hectares east of the Phase 1 site for
    Phase 2 expansion. Site formation will
    be completed by end-2008.

    So the Entire Site is 280 hectare (infrastructure, Inspiration Lake, theme park, hotels etc)

    Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is part of the 280 hectares Site.

    Phase 1 of HKDL Resort is 126 hectares.

    Phase 2 of HKDL Resort is 54 hectares.

    so Phase 1 + Phase 2 of HKDL Resort = 126 + 54 = 180 hectares.

    180 hectares out of the total 280 hectares site

    Phase 1 means 1st gate (HK Disneyland) + hotels
    Phase 2 means 2nd gate(????) + hotels

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    Re: The Size of HKDLR, official figures!!!

    Very cool facts. The Resort is very quaint and that is what I love about it.


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      Re: The Size of HKDLR, official figures!!!

      Originally posted by DisneyMickey View Post
      Very cool facts. The Resort is very quaint and that is what I love about it.
      Me too, I like what they have done with the surroundings and the fact that you can walk to any area of the resort and feel like you are in a nicely designed park, with lovely gardens and trees. HKDL truly is a workd class resort with lots of potential for becoming even better, as long as it is managed properly.


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        Re: The Size of HKDLR, official figures!!!

        As I was just saying over in another thread, you could be miles from anywhere. After staying in the hustle and bustle of Kowloon for a few nights, it was amazing to arrive at Sunny Bay and settle into the Hollywood Hotel. With mountains, a man-made lake and all the phenomenal gardening (something that I have always admired about Disney's parks), you really feel as though you could be miles from civilisation. It was only when I arrived in HKDLR that I actually felt as though I was on holiday.


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