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  • Hidden Mickeys?

    Ok all you HKDL fans, where are they? My daughter and I have been looking every time we go and I still can't find that many. I spotted the one in the Philharmagic on the first visit. (I knew it from years back...) We found the one on the main gate on our next trip. Found one on the orbitron quite by accident one day. And last week we found one by the waterfall in Adventure land.
    When we ask CM's they tell us to look at the plant stands and the manhole covers. (I wouldn't consider blatent--hidden.)
    Help! anyone. Chasing the mickey flashlight is starting to get old now. (picture a puppy chasing it's tail) It entertains her, but if she can't find any more mickey's soon, she's going to tire of that game. Then I'll have to think of a new one for her.

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    Re: Hidden Mickeys?

    I can't say that I know of any HKDL specific Hidden Mickeys besides the one on the Orbitron.
    We can assume that HKDL's direct clone attractions like Buzz and Pooh will contain the same hidden Mickeys as their original versions, so it would just be a matter of finding out where they are at the home park versions to find out where they are at HKDL.

    Let us know how you go on your search for the hidden Mickeys, perhaps we can build a list?
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