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China's biggest Theme Park to debut next yr? any impact on HKDL?


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  • China's biggest Theme Park to debut next yr? any impact on HKDL?

    According to various News

    China is to build its own biggest Theme Park, it is set to open for October Golden Week in 2007.

    will there be any impact on HKDL?

    is it their answer to Disney Theme Park in Mainland China?
    (since there is a rumor that Shanghai Disney Project has been Shelved)


    【本報記者廣州六日專電】作為內地在建的最大主題公園——“蕪湖華強旅遊城”整體模型,日前在首屆中國中部 投資貿易博覽會上亮相。該項目預計明年國慶黃金周向遊客開放。

    蕪湖華強旅遊城佔地面積一百廿四萬平方米,去年底開始動工,預計將於明年國慶黃金周建成使用。蕪湖華強旅遊 城主題公園是一個將歷史文化與現代高科技數字技術手段融為一體的新型公園,作為目前內地在建的最大單體主題 公園,共有City Walk、漁人碼頭、神秘河谷、維蘇威火山、太空世界、飛越極限、兒童王國、所羅門封印、海螺灣、水上嘉年 華、西部傳奇、大都會博物館等十二個主題區,近五十個中、小項目。

    該項目按國際一流,內地僅有的標準進行興建,整體規劃由世界旅遊組織首席規劃專家Edward Inskeep任顧問,英國著名設計公司Scott Wilson Ltd擔綱,是完全自主創新、自主設計、自主軟件的主題公園。

    該項目有大型高科技特色主題公園、生態公園、科技館、水上活動、極限運動、城市休閒、旅遊服務、會議中心及 商業中心等設施,其中主題公園的接待能力設計為每年二百萬人次以上,總體接待遊客能力將超過每年五百萬人次 。

    該主題公園不同的主題景點,均採用聲、光、電等高新技術手段,為遊客營造星際飛行、極限飛越、恐龍危機等奇 幻體驗,主題公園內將建成國內最大的懸掛式過山車,亞洲最高的球形銀幕,並且建設一個被初步命名為“海螺灣 ”的海螺外殼造型的大型電影院。

    目前,蕪湖華強旅遊城主題公園共有十四個項目在建,建築面積超過卅五萬平方米,明年十月一日前至少有九個景 點項目將投入使用。
    Source: Macao Daily News

    Partial Translation:

    "Wuhu" (the translated name only, not official) Theme Park will be scheduled to debut next year, probably around October Golden Week in 2007. The theme park is located at Wuhu, Anhui Province, which is not far from Shanghai.

    It will be the biggest theme park in Mainland China. There are various Themed areas:
    Fisherman's Wharf
    Mystery River
    Resowid Volcano
    Space World
    Fly over the extreme
    children's kingdom
    Legend of the west
    Cosmopolitan Museum
    Water Carnival
    Sea Shell Bay
    Soloman's Seal

    12 themed areas and close to 50 attractions.

    The Theme Park also includes the following:
    High Tech Theme Park
    Eco Park
    Technology Centre
    Water Activities Centre
    Extreme Sports Centre
    Conference Centre
    Business Centre
    Leisure and travel Services

    Edward Inskeep as consultant for the project. British Company, Scott Wilson Ltd is responsible for the design of the Theme Park.

    There will be a suspension type Roller coaster , the biggest in China.
    A Spherical Screen, tallest in Asia. There will be a large theatre, designed in a Sea Shell shape.

    the size of the land is around 6,000 acres.
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    Re: China's biggest Theme Park to debut next yr? any impact on HKDL?

    I said this would happen.

    It made no sense for Central to work with any park industry veterans when they can open their own venture, make cheesy imitations of established icons and rides, and let 'er rip to an audience that doesn't know enough to know better.

    Can I get an I CALLED IT here?

    Why, thank you.


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      Re: China's biggest Theme Park to debut next yr? any impact on HKDL?

      Set to open this time next year? Wow, that's what I call a production line!

      Well, I can't see how it won't pull a few mainland customers away from HKDL, but perhaps this is a good thing.

      Some VERY healthy competition could shame Disney into some rapid expansion.
      I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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        Re: China's biggest Theme Park to debut next yr? any impact on HKDL?

        Call me pessamistic, but there is nothing good that comes from a "rush job" in China. They take years to get things done right, and even then there are problems.

        I don't know what is happening at HKDL. I won't even begin to guess, but as you walk down the promenad to the big fountain, you can hear construction noise (since july anyway) The crane is over by Story book theater. These things take time. When we bought our house, we had to wait another two years to move in because it just wasn't ready on time. After we moved in, we had the construction team in putting seals on the windows because they just weren't ready. The speed here is different. People only move faster in central (if you believe the hype)

        For my money, HKDL is a nice little park that can only get nicer.


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          Re: China's biggest Theme Park to debut next yr? any impact on HKDL?

          Catchy name though. "Wu Hu!!"


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