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NEW!! Seasons of change at HKDL Source


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  • NEW!! Seasons of change at HKDL Source

    HKDL Source is proud to present a brand new section to our already comprehensive site - Seasons!

    Whilst Hong Kong Disneyland is a charming place to visit at any time of the year, there are times that the resort celebrates different events; this is the place to find out about them!

    Whether it be a family-friendly Halloween spook-tacular, a cool New Year's Eve, a magical Christmas or a traditional Lunar New Year, Hong Kong Disneyland celebrates in style throughout the different seasons.

    We've got Halloween and Christmas up at the moment, with the promise of more to come soon!


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    Re: NEW!! Seasons of change at HKDL Source

    HKDL Source is the best! Thank you for working so hard to keep it current & informative.
    Mouseketeer Wannabe


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      Re: NEW!! Seasons of change at HKDL Source

      Yeah, thanks, Loomis! Great job with HKDLSource! It seems like a light years
      from when we were chatting about what to name it...."-)

      Hmmmm... in thinking about this, if they want to, HKDL can run something
      throughout the non-summer season thanks to the Lunar New Year! (well, not sure if there's anything in the late March-April.).. In May, they can do the Dragon Boat festival!
      Isn't the Golden Week during this time?


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