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HKDL Contributes to the operating income of overseas theme park for Year 2006


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  • HKDL Contributes to the operating income of overseas theme park for Year 2006

    Parks and Resort revenues for the year increased 10% to $9.9 billion and segment operating income increased 30% to $1.5 billion. Segment operating income growth reflected strength at both of our domestic resorts, led by the success of the 50th anniversary celebration, the first year of operations of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and improvements at Disneyland Resort Paris.

    For the quarter, revenues increased 8% to $2.5 billion and segment operating income increased 28% to $396 million. Operating income growth was due to improvements at our international resorts and at Walt Disney World.
    International Resorts

    For the year, improvements at our international resorts were primarily due to the first full year of theme park operations at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort rather than pre-opening costs in the prior year, as well as increased theme park attendance and higher hotel occupancy at Disneyland Resort Paris.

    The increase in operating income for the quarter was primarily due to a full quarter of theme park operations at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort versus the costs associated with its grand opening late in the prior-year quarter, as well as higher guest spending and increased theme park attendance at Disneyland Resort Paris.
    Reports Annual Results for Fiscal Year 2006

    Net Loss on a comparable basis reduced 21% to Euro 89 Million.


    Revenues increased 4.5% to Euro 1,087 million in fiscal year 2006 reflecting increases in theme parks attendance and hotel occupancy. Theme park revenues increased 5.4% to Euro 579.2 million, following an increase of 0.5 million in attendance, which reached 12.8 million in 2006. Hotels and Disney Village revenues increased 4.2% to Euro 412.2 million due to a higher occupancy rate of 83.5% compared to 80.7% for fiscal year 2005, as well as increased guest visitations at Disney Village.
    Increased Net Loss at Disneyland Resort Paris in Fiscal Year 2006 over Fiscal Year 2005.
    for 2006 Net loss : 88.6 million (Euro)
    for 2005 Net loss : 53.1 million (Euro)

    so the there is no operating profit contribution from Disneyland Resort Paris. All contribution to the operating profit (Overseas Theme Park) comes from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

    Source: Euro Disney S.C.A. fiscal year 2006 result

    WDC fiscal year 2006 result

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    Re: HKDL Contributes to the operating income of overseas theme park for Year 2006

    Well, you'd hope they would!
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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