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Hong Kong Top 10 Consumer News (2006) unveiled


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  • Hong Kong Top 10 Consumer News (2006) unveiled

    香港消費者委員會十四日舉行記者會,公布今年度的十大消費新聞,結果由「食肆全面禁煙」奪魅,此外,蘇丹紅 雞鴨蛋事件、孔雀石綠引發內地停止淡水魚輸港、本地蔬菜農藥殘餘檢測機制漏洞都成功打入十大消費新聞排行榜 ,反映香港市民對健康的關注程度大大提升。據香港中通社二月十四日電,台灣地震毀電纜造成的網絡通訊大擠塞 使香港市民印象難忘,這宗新聞也成功「震」上十大消費新聞排行榜的第二位。消委會解釋,以往與通訊有關的新 聞一般較難打入榜,但今次地震造成的影響深遠,令人體會到「通訊災難」,市民關注度也大增。
    此外,其他打入榜的消費新聞還包括:政府停止推介商品及服務稅、零團費旅客拒絕購物被棄街頭、昂坪360故 障頻生、人民幣升值,以及迪士尼新春爆滿拒客入場。
    消委會指出,從結果顯示,香港市民對於香港的形象也十分關注,「零團費」及「迪士尼爆滿」受害的消費者一般 都屬內地旅客,反映香港市民並非只關注個人利益。
    The public have voted their Top 10 Consumer News of the Year of the Dog.
    Top on a list of 20 news stories of the year is, not surprisingly, related closely to the public health - the ban on cigarette smoking in all restaurants.
    A total of 2,525 out of 2,712 voters cast their votes on this long-awaited news, making it the most voted and the number one entry of the Top 10 Consumer News of the Year of the Dog.
    The annual event, in this third year, is organized jointly by the Consumer Council in association with Cable TV (News Channel), Radio Television Hong Kong, and Hong Kong Economic Times, with Fan, Chan and Co. as Honorary Auditor.
    The results of the voting, open to the general public, were unveiled at a prize presentation ceremony today (February 14). A total of more than 2,700 members of the public voted online or in print entry forms between January 16 and February 6.
    Besides public concern over their health through second-hand smoking, the internet chaos in the aftermath of the Taiwan earthquake came second place in the voting (2,380 votes).
    The third most voted entry (2,255 votes) was related to the rising public concern over the safety of food from the mainland, as revealed in the Sudan Red contaminated eggs incident.
    Full results and their vote count of the Top 10 Consumer News of the year, in their order, are as follows:
    1. Ban on Cigarette Smoking in All Restaurants (2,525)
    2. Internet Chaos Following Taiwan Earthquake (2,380)
    3. Eggs Contaminated with Sudan Red Reveals Loopholes in Reporting Mechanism (2,255)
    4. Government Shelves Goods and Services Tax Consultation (2,178)
    5. Controversy over Malacrite Green Leads to Mainland Suspension of Fresh Water Fish Export (2,090)
    6. Zero Charge Tours Complaints (1,958)
    7. Frequent Breakdown of Newly Inaugurated Cable Car Service (1,825)
    8. Rising Reminbi Raised Inflation Concerns (1,805)
    9. The Disneyland's Lunar New Year Chaos (1,663)
    10. Pesticide Residues in Locally Grown Vegetable (1,416)
    Source : HK Consumer Council and Takungpao

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