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will hong disneyland open in time

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  • will hong disneyland open in time

    you know that the park opens september 12 but i hope they will make it they have soft openings for the park they need to work fast.

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    ORDDU: Not to worry, stitch101, duckling. From all the reports heard by my sisters and I, Hong Kong Disneyland is actually ahead of schedule and won't have any trouble opening on time.

    ORGOCH: Well, Good Lord! How in the Heck wouldn't Ping Pong Dizzyland open on time? They ain't got hardly nothin' ta open in the FIRST dang place!! Six major rides is all!! That's only one land, when ya boil it down in a cauldron!

    ORWEN: (sigh) Hopefully it'll grow out.

    ORGOCH: Yeah, that's somethin' yerself would know all about, eh, fat-so?!

    (Sounds of slaps followed by shrieks and wailing...)


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      It's not like they have a lot of construction to do... just look at the puny attraction lineup.


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        It looks as if it should open on time if they have had a trial run.