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two rumored future rides


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  • two rumored future rides

    they are rumors of there being more rides one of them is Autopia (2006) if the park goes well and pirates it would have the same drop as splash mountain anyone heard of this.

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    Autopia is already confirmed and appears in the master plans on display at the Preview Center at EPCOT. As for Splash... well, I don't know.


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      new rides won't be major rides

      I read an article about future rides for Hongkong and as the Hongkong government puts in most of the money, they want to wait and see how the park will debut.

      Disney made a lot of great propositions of classic rides but in a new style, but none of these attractions will make it if the park does not pull in the expected money.

      It's just like the Walt Disney Studios in Paris - the park should have opened in 1995 and planning was stopped after the opening of Disneyland Paris - when it finally opened in 2002, the park failed and now it's just a disaster!!!

      Hongkong has some nice rides - but not enough - I agree


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        Splash is rumored to be being mixed with Pirates...and the map at EPCOT shows pirates on it...


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          The attraction in question is called (for now) Pirate Mountain. It's basically the old Pirates meets Curse of the Black Pearl with a Splash sized drop and water coster technology. ... It's also just in planning at this point. No decision on whether it will be built have been made.

          Autopia (outside the berm) has already been greenlighted and should open in 2006.


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            Originally posted by WDW1974
            Autopia (outside the berm) has already been greenlighted and should open in 2006.
            Autopia is not that hard to build. Just pour a lot of cement.
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              screamscape says that Autopia will start being constructed if the park goes well but i guess they changed it. It should open 2006


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