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Heard a rumour that its opening in August


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  • Heard a rumour that its opening in August

    I have just found an article saying that the park will be opening in phases starting August, it also said that there will be a news conference about it today.

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    Do you have the article?
    I doubt they will do that, 9-12 was picked for it's good chi in the ways of Fung Shui.
    Though, they might want to hit every good Chi day in August and Sept...


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      Grand opening is 9-12, but Disney almost always has soft openings/previews of the parks before than. And current pics show that the park is basically complete now.


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        I can't wait to go on "the ride"...
        "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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          The park will probably open for "soft Opening" in aug... Currently they been having testing where the construction workers and family go on certine times... Photos are in these boards from one such trip...


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            Read full story here :

            "The phased opening is to ensure a smooth operation and to allow different departments to prepare for the official opening," tourism commissioner Eva Cheng told a news conference.


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              September 4th HK Disneyland Charity Day

              Tickets will be for sale online starting on June 28th for HK Disneyland Charity Day on Sept. 4th. So if you are in the area on that day and want to visit HKDL before the "GRAND OPENING", then this is your oppurtunity to purchase tickets.

              On the side note, I was reading my mom's Chinese newspaper and I saw a 6 page article on HK Disneyland. The article did not go into the details on the lack of attractions, but most of us online know there isn't much to do. Also there isn't much info on the entertainment side like the fireworks or parades. One thing I still couldn't believe is City Hall is listed as an attraction but the map says there are 3 restaurants you can dine/experience inside the building. Humm.


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