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  • Jungle Cruise question

    This is sure taking up a huge chunk of real estate... what are the differences to the other Jungle Cruises at the other parks?

    At one point I had heard rumors that they were combining Jungle Cruise with a Kali River Rapids-type adventure... however, looking at pics, it appears it is going to "ride the rail..."

    Any details?

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    I've been wondering the same thing. I heard that it was supposed to have a rapids section too, but I also noticed the rails and wonder how much action those boats are actually going to see...


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      I don't get this at all. We have Adventureland because it's exotic to us. In Asia why would a Jungle Cruise that attempts to ply their rivers with fake animals be that interesting. It would have to be really well done, better than what we have and more fun.(I'm sure it will be too) Would it be fair to say that they already have better jungles and real temples? Is there a bit of a DCA thing going on here?

      To me it's worth paying to see things you cannot see at home, and Disney is preceived as western in culture. I agree that alot is dedicated to the Jungle Cruise when New Orleans and Jazz might have been really cool.
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