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Downtown Disney and POTC revived


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  • Downtown Disney and POTC revived

    A Hong Kong version of Downtown Disney should be the first thing that gets started next year.
    The Pirates are coming my friends. The expansion and addition of "Pirates Of The Caribbean" that was on hold looks to have been lifted. We'll have to wait and see if it is as elaborate as the original proposal but it is back on.
    The "Haunted House" is planned to be the next attraction to get started after that as well as a half dozen "C" and "D" attractions.
    Source : Blue Sky Disney

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    Re: Downtown Disney and POTC revived

    Hopefully, this is all true. I don't want to be disappointed again.
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      Re: Downtown Disney and POTC revived

      As always, I approach these bits of 'insider info' with a grain of salt. It's not that I don't believe them - as much of what is said has been said before, and you can only hear a rumour so many times before it becomes "fact" - it's just that I've had my heart broken (so to speak) a few times already. Like Ryan Adams said, "I ain't afraid of hurt, I've had so much it feels like normal to me now". Hee hee hee

      There is no secret that there would be a "great deal of discussion within Team Disney's offices as to the problem we all know exist at Disney's newest Magic Kingdom model". However, as the author states: "Of course I have to always state that this is what is currently planned and it is not yet finalized". That seems to be the key here.

      That blog seems to be engaging in a fair bit of educated guesswork, as these are the same rumours that have been circulating for a while now. However, educated is the key word there as Bluesky does seem to have some kind of inside track, at least I get that impression from some other posts. Indeed, the Adventureland expansion/Pirates/Haunted/C & D attractions are exactly the kind that Al Lutz spoke of earlier this year (or was it late last year...?), and even the lowly HKDL Source was chatting about the Downtown area before this.

      Some of that info seems contradictory though. The author speaks of there not being anything to do in the hotels, but if "everything goes well they might even start construction of that third hotel that some in the know are talking about". Why would this happen if the rest of the park and Resort needs TLC first? Surely the present situation wouldn't warrant a demand for that many people staying on property to have a third hotel planned. Wouldn't it make more sense to expand the Downtown area and park itself before hotel construction is considered? Unless, of course, they wanted to fully integrate a hotel and downtown area like they have in California. A lodge-style resort like Grand Californian in Hong Kong? THAT I would pay good money to stay in!

      Now, I'm not launching into this blog as I think much of what is being said in there will probably come to pass eventually. Many of our "sources" have indicated as much too. As I said above, I approach these rumours - as they are still just that until we hear official announcements or see ground broken - with caution.

      My honest opinion is that speculation bores me somewhat, as I get much more of a simple thrill out of unexpected announcements than I do about "insider info". However, when all is said and done, I see nothing but potential in the park and if what this blogger has to say comes to pass, then the future of Hong Kong Disneyland looks very bright indeed. So basically that was a really long way of me saying the same thing as TDR_FAN: "Hopefully, this is all true. I don't want to be disappointed again".

      As always, we go back to rampant speculation on the 'Hong Kong problem'. The real shame is that I'm going away tomorrow and will miss the no doubt animated discussion that will come out of this
      “I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.” - Bill Hicks


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        Re: Downtown Disney and POTC revived

        ORDDU: Well, Disney has to do SOMETHING more with this little park--especially if the Hong Kong Government isn't willing to offer any more financial support. Otherwise the park will stagnate to the point where it becomes another Nara Dreamland that eventually closes down due to lack ot attendance and interest. So, my sisters and I tend to believe that some recent decisions have been made to revitalize the Hong Kong Disneyland project. We've been reading other tidbits of information on other web-footed sites from other ducklings--supposedly in 'the know' and they, too, say that there are most definately expansion plans in place for Hong Kong in the near future.


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          Re: Downtown Disney and POTC revived

          I hope this is true but I'm not going to hold my breath.


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