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Red Fire Ants taking over HKDL - Reuters


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  • Red Fire Ants taking over HKDL - Reuters

    HONG KONG (Reuters) - Red fire ants, whose fiery sting can sometimes be fatal to humans, have been found near the entrance to a Disneyland theme park in Hong Kong, a company official said Friday.

    "It is the first red fire ant mound we discovered in our landscape," said Esther Wong, a spokeswoman for Hong Kong Disneyland, which is due to open in September.

    Wong said the company planned to exterminate the pests, which pack a nasty sting that can cause painful, itchy blisters and nausea.

    Hong Kong has been battling to stop the ants from spreading since they were first found in the territory two weeks ago and daily updates have been front-page news in the popular press. Inspectors have found 576 anthills since then.

    The ants were found recently in China's southern Guangdong province adjoining Hong Kong. The insects were in tangerine trees and other potted plants, many of which were scheduled to be shipped to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year celebrations next week.

    The red fire ant, which originated in South America, has defied efforts to stamp it out in Australia and the United States.
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    Its a sign just stop now while they are ahead!

    :thumbup: "This guy!"


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      This really isn't that big a deal. It is the same fire ant we have in Florida...have been bitten many a time and lived to tell the tale. Really more of an annoyance than the menace that the Hong Kong press is making it out to be...


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        Actually the fire ant is dangerous to older people and if you get stung my more than one.. myuself hate them.... when i was young had a sand box and got bit more than once a week....


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