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Any tips for a good trip


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  • Any tips for a good trip

    hiya everyone im off to china in november and will be at disneyland on either november the 5th or 6th is there any tips you can give me to make the most of it as I will only have one day there. thankyou

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    Re: Any tips for a good trip

    Yes! Visit

    Hee hee hee...any chance to plug our site.

    (Seriously, though - DO)

    A day in the park should be sufficient to see everything, but if you are staying off-site, give yourself time in the morning to travel out for the gate opening and the rope-drop. A FULL DAY in the park is needed to enjoy all the ambiance of the place methinks, although you probably wouldn't want too much more than that.
    • Take the time to see some of the little things, and don't dismiss the shows because they are a large part of the attraction of the park.
    • Don't expect it to be a 'big' as the other parks. Enjoy it for what it is, as it is still an excellent theme park regardless of size
    • MUSTS: Space Mountain; Jungle Cruise; Autopia; Festival of the Lion King
    • Leave time for the 3:00 PM Parade during the day. Maybe plan your day around it.
    • Stay for the fireworks. With the mountains behind the castle, it is a beautiful and awe-inspiring thing.
    • FASTPASS is your friend. Say what you want about it elsewhere, but given the small number of attractions at HKDL, it really helps plan your day.
    • While it is never TOO crowded at HKDL, November should be picking up as they head towards Christmas.
    • There are a few cute surprises on the Railroad

    I should really get our heads together to make a one-day travel guide.

    Hope that helps (some).
    I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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      Re: Any tips for a good trip

      A few random thoughts:

      - If you don't speak Cantonese and are interested in seeing Stitch Encounter in English (or Mandarin), be mindful of the limited showtimes for the non-Cantonese performances. If you wait until late in the day, you might find that there are no more English-language performances left.

      - Autopia has three tracks. If you're interested in what I felt was a slightly longer -- and more scenic -- track that loops out over the UFO Zone in Tomorrowland, pick the one to the far right as you're approaching the boarding area in the queue.

      - If you want to take the rafts to Tarzan's Treehouse, avoid queuing up right after a performance of the Lion King show -- based on my limited experience, a large chunk of the audience seems to gravitate immediately to the rafts, creating a surge in the wait time. (Or, alternatively, you could try to sit near the exit of the show, and be among the first ones out of the theatre and in line for the rafts.)


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        Re: Any tips for a good trip

        I discovered this site a while ago:

        I don't agree with all of it, but there are some good tips in there.
        I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out. - Bill Hicks


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          Re: Any tips for a good trip

          Don't miss Philharmagic. I love it.
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            Re: Any tips for a good trip

            Don't forget to celebrate TDLFAN's birthday on Nov 6th while at the park. Buy me something.


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              Re: Any tips for a good trip

              ORDDU: While there have been several good tips already given, thus far, the truly BEST advice is this: Make sure you have a gorgeous hunk to go with. After all, it doesn't really matter where you go as long as you have a good man to hold hands with; to drool over while eating at the various restaurants; to share a hotel room with...


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