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HKDL picks Wong Jim's (aka James Wong) version of the title Song "Its a Small World"


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  • HKDL picks Wong Jim's (aka James Wong) version of the title Song "Its a Small World"

    迪士尼鍾情 霑叔版《世界真細小》

    【明報專訊】「世界真細小小小,小得 真奇妙妙妙,實在真係細世界,嬌小而妙俏。」即使已是老調牙的調子,黃霑填詞的《世界真細小》,到今時今日 仍然是熱門兒歌。香港迪士尼的新遊戲「小小世 界」明年上旬就出台,樂園為場館錄製主題歌曲,選曲當然是廣東話版的《世界真細小》,昨日還重 新灌錄。

    Emily昨日都有去演藝學院欣賞一班小朋友錄音,16位來自4個國家及地區的小朋友,除了演繹廣東話版外 ,還以普通話、韓語及菲律賓的塔加拉族語錄製不同版本的《世界真細小》。說到普通話版,迪士尼樂園專誠邀請 了著名填詞人林夕填寫新歌詞。

    Emily雖然不是超級迪士尼迷,但想到日後在樂園內有機會聽到香港味十足的《世界真細小》,都期待「小小 世界」快鱓開幕,到時去緬懷一下。

    Source : Mingpao News

    So who is Wong Jim (aka James Wong)?

    He was the Hong Kong Veteran lyricist, songwriter and entertainer
    Who passed away at 64 in 2004.

    He's the guy who is behind some of the chinese language's best-loved songs. and he is so well known in Hong Kong that he's being called Master of the CantoPop. His version of "IASW" is so special and memorable that Hong Kongers will never forget.

    He's responsible for the chinese adaptation of "Its a Small World" (he wrote the chinese version of the lyrics of "Its a small world" many years ago).

    HKDL has decided to use Wong Jim's version of "IASW" (Cantonese Version) as the title song for upcoming attraction "Its a Small World".

    16 children from 4 different countries went into the recording studio at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts to record the Song "Its a Small World". There are several versions, including Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Philipino Tagalog etc.

    Another Famous Hong Kong Lyricist is responsible for the Mandarin Version of the Lyrics.
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    Re: HKDL picks Wong Jim's (aka James Wong) version of the title Song "Its a Small Wor

    This is news? I grew up knowing only James Wong's version! This is the version all HK people knows. It would only be news if they decided to do another version.
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