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Going to HKDL for first time


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  • Going to HKDL for first time

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to HKDL in late July for the first time. I've been to both American parks several times and am quite knowledgeable on them, but I know next to nothing about HKDL. Can anybody just give me some info on the resort? Specifically I'm most interested in the attractions, which are most notable and how they differ from the American parks. I'm staying at the Hollywood Hotel.

    Thanks a lot.
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    HKDL: July 2016

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    Mystic Manor and Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars are must do attractions, they are exclusive to HKDL. You can check out Toy Story Land as well which is not available in the U.S. parks. (The under construction Orlando version will be different anyway.)

    Do see Mickey and the Wondrous Book and Fairy Tale Forest which opened just last year.

    New for this year is the Star Wars takeover with Hyperspace Mountain, Star Wars Command Post and Jedi Temple.
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      I'm writing this from my room at Hollywood Hotel!! A warning: it is EXTREMELY hot right now! Be prepared!

      Mystic Manor and Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars are a MUST! They are wondeful attractions with amazing stories and awesome details all throughout! So far this trip, I've ridden Grizzly 3 times and Mystic 9 times! Mystic is my favorite ride of all time from any Disney Resort (I've also been to Tokyo, Orlando, and Anaheim) while Grizzly is probably my favorite coaster next to Expedition Everest!

      As mentioned by Asa, DO NOT MISS WONDROUS BOOK! It's Magical Map on steroids! The Tangled/Little Mermaid/Brave and Princess and the Frog sequences are AMAZING!!

      By the time you visit, Hyperspace Mountain and Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple will be open (but if you've seen them in California, then no big deal)

      other highlights:
      - HKDL has the best version of the Jungle Cruise scenery wise (the spiel in English is awful because the delivery gets lost in translation). Still definitely worth the ride as it has the best finale of them all!
      - Festival of the Lion King is better here than at Animal Kingdom! Don't miss it!
      - the Toy Story Land rides are pretty fun diversions (although they aren't that unique or technologically advanced) but they're unique to here and Paris so definitely worth checking out
      - HKDL also has the best it's a small world among the three I've seen (haven't seen Orlando's)
      - Unless you've seen it in California, don't miss Paint the Night!
      - Flights of Fantasy is also pretty amazing!
      - Fairy Tale Forest is a walkthrough in Fantasyland and the newest attraction at HKDL! It's very scenic and definitely worth walking through

      Almost everything else (Buzz, Tarzan's Treehouse, Philharmagic, Dumbo, Carousel, Tea Cups, Pooh) are the same as those at the US parks. Notable exceptions are Orbitron (a flying-saucer version of Astro Orbiters), Autopia (which might not be open when you go, but if it is its worth going on if the line isn't freakishly long), and the Railroad (different car design, facing sideways)

      i hope you have fun!
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      Favorite Rides:
      1) Mystic Manor(HKDL)
      2) Tower of Terror (TDS, DHS)
      3) Soarin Over California (DCA)
      4) Splash Mountain (TDL)
      5) Haunted Mansion (MK, DL, TDL)

      Twitter: @WaltDisneyWanderer


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        Thanks for everyone who replied. I just got back to the hotel from the park and I thought I'd write some brief ride impressions/reviews if maybe it can help anyone else who will be going to HKDL.

        Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - Exactly the same as WDW, except for a weirdly placed ride photo in the Heffalump room. (I was amazed that the Toad references were still present.)

        Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters - Exactly the same as DL.

        Space Mountain - I couldn't discern any major differences between this and DL. HK's seemed to have a lot more consecutive turns though. This was also my first time experiencing Hyperspace Mountain and honestly I thought it was kind of lame. Just screen projections and lighting effects, nothing too interesting.

        Grizzly Mountain Mine Car - Great ride. Basically BTMRR but with a different theme, show scenes w/ AAs and a backwards section. (This is kind of nitpicky, but I thought the queue could use some additional theming. The load room doesn't have anything on the walls at all and it kind of looks like a Six Flags queue or something.)

        Mystic Manor - I was very impressed with this ride. Really nothing else like it in a Disney Park that I've seen.

        Philharmagic - Exactly the same as WDW, although the queue is a bit more themed I guess. Even still I think the WDW queue makes a bit more sense for the actual attraction.

        It's a Small World - My memory of the two American rides and the differences between them are a little foggy, but if I'm remembering right most of this ride was the same as DL. There are some differences like Hong Kong having it's own diorama, some minor additions to the U.S. scene and of course the final scene alternating between Cantonese and English. This also felt to be much longer than the other Small World's to me but maybe I'm just not remembering the others right. Also the facade was under renovation/cleaning and was completely covered by tarps.

        Jungle Cruise - Unique. I'm not sure if I would call it the best version of JC, I like the temple ruins in DL (even if nothing really happens there.) Skipper was very hard to understand in English, although I don't particularly care for the skippers anyway.

        Mickey and the Wondrous Book - This was pretty cool, essentially a bigger, expanded version of Magical Map in DL.

        Paint the Night was exactly the same as DL from what I could tell (aside from singing alternating with Cantonese of course). Flights of Fantasy wasn't bad but there wasn't much notable about it imo.

        Toy Story Land really had nothing at all going for it. Just a bunch of carnival rides. Also was disappointed that Stitch Encounter was replaced with a meet n' greet.
        Last edited by Commander Corn; 07-31-2016, 06:34 AM.
        WDW: March 2004, August 2005, Summer 2006, March 2012, July 2013, December 2013/January 2014
        DL: April 2011, December 2011, December 2012/January 2013, June 2014, December 2016, May 2017
        HKDL: July 2016


        • #5
          Thanks for the update, how far along did the Iron Man area look? They've teased that it was undergoing testing months ago and still no word of an official opening date. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

          last time i buy crystal ball from pic n save!


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            Originally posted by malice View Post
            Thanks for the update, how far along did the Iron Man area look? They've teased that it was undergoing testing months ago and still no word of an official opening date. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!
            It will open at the end of this year. I would say around November/December


            • #7
              I would say the Space (and Hyperspace) Mountain in HKDL is more lit than the one in DL. I can see the track pretty easily in HKDL's version, which defeats the purpose of making it an indoor dark coaster.

              I agree with most of your other comments except on Jungle Cruise. I feel it's the worst version I've been on, and that's not only because of the poorly trained skippers (who, unfortunately, add nothing to this version of JC). The queue is just a bunch of switchbacks with none of the great theming and period music of the one in DL. It follows a very linear track, and the big fire finale is kind of a letdown.

              I was wondering the same thing about Pooh having the Toad references. I wonder if the Imagineers who worked on the HKDL version didn't really know why the Toad references were in the ride, and so just left them in anyway. Maybe one of those bureaucratic "well, it's in the blueprint so we'll copy it verbatim" decisions. It's strange to see in the ride, though appreciated as I Iove Toad.


              • #8
                Originally posted by hadrian3911 View Post

                It will open at the end of this year. I would say around November/December
                Ah, ok. It seems like they're progressing at a snails pace. It was announced in 2013 and construction began that that's 3+ years to construct a basic motion simulator.

                I'll be in HK again the end of this month but I won't be too bothered if the ride isn't up and running.

                last time i buy crystal ball from pic n save!


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                  Hi, my wife and I are planning our first visit to HKDL this year, ticking off our 4th Disney Resort.
                  Since trips are expensive, we try and plan a lot in advance to get the most of our holiday.
                  Since HKDL is small but has a couple of truly signature rides, we would of course try to avoid missing those.

                  Sadly I couldn't find anywhere some sort of maintenance/refurbishment schedule for HKDL as is available for the other Disney Resorts.
                  Does anyone know where this info can be found? We are planning to go October.



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