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  • [Chat] Pokemon Adventure in HKDL

    I know this may be a bit far-petched, I have been reading people's blogs about Pokemon Adventure in Disneyland (in US, and JP) since the first day it is launched, every blogger says Disney is a good place to play Pokemon Go. It's a great news to me, the Pokemon Go apps is officially out Today in HK apps store.

    I am going to visit HKDL this Wednesday, I am excited for my first Pokemon adventure in the magical land. XD

    Is there anyone could share about your Pokemon Experience in Disneyland too?

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    I've seen photos on Facebook by HKDL Bloggers. Try searching for "Hong Kong Main Street Gazette" and "This is Mr. B"


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      Hello, everyone.
      ( I hope you won't mind my poor English writing)

      I have been to HKDL this Wednesday, for Catch'em all... No... For the Space Mountain: Star Wars, and everything that new to me since my last visit few months ago.

      Routine: Home -> Inspiration Lake -> HKDL

      I downloaded the Pokemon apps two days ago, and become a rank level 10 rookie trainer before I set off my trip to Disneyland.
      (The game rule is that which a higher player rank, you may be able to meet some stronger and rarer Pokemon. Thus, as a rookie trainer, I think I need extreme good luck to see a rare one.)

      Reading from online media, rumors said someone has caught "legendary" /rare Pokemon (like Primeape, Porygon) somewhere NEAR HKDL. I understand it's likely just a media hype, but why not give it a shot. Is the "somewhere" the pier or the Hotels, both seems legit, rare Pokemon habituates in a place of a fantasy name, the Inspiration Lake?

      It was a hot and sunny weekday. I arrived the Inspiration Lake at noon and this was my first time visiting there. We were scorched and kept sweating even we put up an umbrella. No one was doing any outdoor reactions there, no boat paddling nor surrey bike cycling, though we sometimes saw a guy jogging around the lake. Before we arrived, there had been already 3-4 Pokemon trainers walking rounding (It's just like watching people fishing near the lake). I stayed there for around 20-30 minutes, there was one gym in the Lake area. In order to attract more Pokemon, I ignited an "incense". I was so excited to see what is the first Pokemon waiting for me there. I turned on the apps, and..... it came the... Golbat. The bat, the bat is everywhere here too, like everywhere else! I walked along the lake, caught some Goldeen, Magikarp. Staryu and Pysduck too. I looked at the radar and it showed Dratini was nearby, however I don't have the luck to meet one here. Suddenly a fire-flaring horse got into my way, it was a Ponyta! Since there were no one around, we took our time, took a photo with the Ponyta in a path under the shade of luxuriant trees. We're gave up the round-the-Lake walk halfway through and headed back, the lake was bigger than I thought, especially in this summer day. Then, we set off for the Disneyland Resort.

      We took a bus to the Disneyland and arrived at 1 pm. I peeped at the map on the bus, the Hollywood Hotel is a Gym. I don't know whether the Disneyland Hotel is a Gym or not, but I guess it should be. There are total three more Gyms in the resort area: the "Thank You for your visit" gate; the Sleeping Beauty Castle; and the Mystic Manor.

      I read the park guide, knowing that free wifi service was provided in the vicinity of Main Street USA. Yet, I tried to search for the wifi but failed.
      (I'm afraid if you would like to catch some Pokemon in HKDL, you better have your own data plan.)

      The glass window view of the Disney Train was arresting! We took the blue and red train at the Main Street station and depart for Fantasyland. It is my first ride after the park had changed the opaque side into glass window. We could now see the view of the Mystic Manor, Toy Story Land and the Grizzly Gulch. I enjoyed the scenery at the glass window side more than the door side, esp the geyser and the Grizzly Mountain. Ahead of the Grizzly Mountain, I glimpse a spare strip of land near the Fantasyland Station.
      #Pokemon that I caught on train: Goldeen, Sandshrew, Weedle

      Alighted from the locomotive,I headed to the Wild Theatre to watch my favourite show, the Festival of the Lion King. I had a intuitive notion that the Festival of the Lion King show may be replaced anytime, just like they replaced Autopia, Golden Mickey, Stitch Encounter, they are closed in the same year. So I decided if possible, I will put it in my every HKDL itinerary. I really love the show very much, I like the exquisite live singing, the choreography, acrobats performance. Though te shows had been running for years, it keeps improving and each show is a unique performance. Compare to my last visit the actor/actress had changed. However, The show started just a few minutes but suddenly stopped with announcement saying the show was interrupted and we have to wait for a while. All the cast member went back to the backstage and lights kept dim, and resume normal after few minutes. I don't know what "interruption" they encountered, but the show continued and ended as awesome as it was.

      # On the path from the Fantasyland to the Adventure, I met Goldeen, Slowpoke, Cubone, Squirtile, Zubat, Poilwag, Magikarp, and I can't remember them all. As the show starts at 2:00pm, we lined for the show outside the theatre for about 25mins. I turned the apps, there were two pokestop near me, and someone had place a "lure" as to attract Pokemon come. Standing in the middle of the two proximate "sakura-blossoming" Pokestops, meant I could get supplies, like Pokemon Balls from both pokestops in every five minutes. I looked at the radar, it said Seel and TANGELA was also nearby. I like the the mystic-looking creature since I played the game many many years ago on Gameboy. I lit an "incense", and started my pokemon discovery when I am waiting. It is quite a busy and fun way to kill time. My phone vibrated almost every minute, in many occasions more than one Pokemon surrounded me simultaneously. I can't help appreciate the park is a good place to play Pokemon Go; and I think in it's not bad for a small Disneyland in Hong Kong, everything was dense, Pokestops too.

      Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy Shops
      I am a fan of Duffy, taking photo with Duffy and visiting his new shop was on my to-do-list. I was quibbling about not so many of HKDL original merchandise in the new Duffy shop. I had been to the TDLS in April, and I found that quite a number of goods are imported from TDLS.... P.S. I read from a Japanese website, a highly recommended Duffy series souvenir for Japanese to buy is the Duffy (and his friends) Tsum Tsum in HKDL, they are exclusive in HKDL(please update me if SHDL is selling it/ if I am wrong). I met a few Japanese tourists inside the shop and I heard one of the shop cast member speaking to them in Japanese. We got outside the shop and waited outside a closed door next to the shop for the Duffy and Gelatoni greeting. We're the first group in the queue. I was so happy that when the cast member opened the door, Duffy and Gelatoni waved their hands and came over me! As I really though this was a once in a blue moon thing that I was over the moon at that time. The next thing I decided to do is buy the photo.

      About Disney Photopass Experience
      This is my first time to used the new disneyphotopass service. Now, after each character greeting, the camera person will present you a card they have a QR code. You may bring the card to the Town Square Photo or any photo booth for purchase, or view the photos via its mobile apps (you need a mobile phone number to create an account). The package of photo printing at the shop is arround $138-$168 for the first photo(with a digital copy), and $130 for each other photo. (There are others combination,too) On the other hand, the sole online purchase (digital photo copy only) is $68, and package of four digital photo copy is $198. If you want to download all the photos you took on the day, it is $398. There are others combination of package to choose, you may read on their website if you logged on.

      Here is one little concern I would like to raise, I guess anyone who pick up your Photopass Card, may be accessible to your photos. So, for privacy reason, better keep the card or tear it before throwing them in the rubbish bin.

      #The Silhouette, the rare Pokemon
      I'm sure that any high rank player in the land will have a much greater chance to meet rare Pokemon, but the following is just what a rookie like me meet.

      Playing Pokemon Go almost a day in the Disney Resort, I didn't met any rare Pokemon. But they appeared in silhouette when they were nearby in the radar. Here I made a list.
      Charmander, Growlithe, Farfetch'd, Kabuto, Scyther, Vulpix, Dratini, Tangela

      And here's some other Pokemon I met in a day:
      Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Drowzee, Eevee, Clefariy, Psyduck Cubone, Seel, Magnemite, Slowpoke, Poliwag, Meowth, (and many grass type, birds, and bats and normal typ Pokemon)

      itinerary: Disney Train -> Festival of the Lion King -> Lunch at Starliner Dinner -> Buzz lightyear Astro Blaster -> Flight of Fantasy Parade (skipped) -> Cinema: My Journeys with Duffy shops and shops in the Main Street -> Meeting Duffy and Shelliemay -> Meeting Chip and Dale in Hong Kong Trams motif costumes -> Town Square Photo -> Space Mountain: Star Wars (Urgent Closure) - > Mickey's PhilharMagic-> Mickey and the Wondrous Story Book -> Space Mountain: Star Wars-> Buzz Lightyear *2 -> Meeting with R2-D2 at the Star Command -> (19:45) Paint the Night Parade -> (20:00) Adventureland (All attractions in Adventureland was closed, Grizzly Gulch, TSL, MM was closed) -> Leave the Park at 20:20
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