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A smaller, more budget friendly Hong Kong disneyland expansion perhaps?


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  • A smaller, more budget friendly Hong Kong disneyland expansion perhaps?

    It seems that the proposed expansion will not pass easily in its current form, but we will let the government, Disney and legco deal with it.

    I was wondering whether we can support a smaller expansion instead of the proposed 10+ billion hkd plan. 10+ billion is a lot of money for just an additional 10% increase in theme park size.
    Although I liked the original proposed Marvel/ Frozen themed areas, I think the new castle area is not really worth the money. I don't think visitors would really care about a new and taller castle (of course everything adds to the magic).

    I think they could do with half of the budget (5+ billion hkd) by not re-doing the castle area and by simply relocating the Frozen area to the smaller land between Toy Story area and the original proposed Frozen land area (so that the fireworks launchers can still be kept on its original location, fireworks show will not be influenced)

    I don't really think we need a whole land for Frozen and the Sleigh ride is not a must to be honest. So in fact, only the village street leading to the snow mountain (within the Frozen Ever After ride) is essential (imagine a similar version of the one in US, but with a nicer village street). The proposed lake within the Frozen land is nice but also not essential. I mean it is essential to have some kind of sea or lake in front of the building of a Pirates/Moana ride for example, but when I think of Frozen land I think of snow and not water/lake/sea. (again everything adds to the magic of course).
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    The problem legislators are having is that Disney is charging management fees. Not that the expansion is expensive. Which it is but that's not what is keeping it from being greenlit in its current form.

    I think the current expansion is what hkdl needs desperately. The current image of hkdl is simply not working and has not worked since 2005. The resort needs a facelift and serious refresh that will only be facilitated by a new castle.

    Anything less than the current expansion and we are talking about short term improvements to the park. The park needs a long term strategy immediately.


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      Yes I am aware of that. But at the end it is all about money whether this is the management fee or the construction costs. 10+ billion is a hell lot of money, if the construction costs was half of it, I think there is much less opposing legislators and they probably wouldn't spend so much time debating it.

      I just don't think we are really getting 10+ billion worth of expansion here. There is already a Frozen Ever After ride in the US (using the old Maelstrom ride building in Epcot), of course we are getting a new and improved version of it. But it is not like we are getting a totally new first debut attraction using the Frozen Ever After name and concept.
      (Beauty and the Beast ride in Tokyo would be something totally new in comparison)

      A new castle with its new night show : all Disney's besides Hong Kong has this show already. So we are just on par with the other parks after building it with a different castle design and slightly different light show. So again not a new debut kind of new.

      Marvel area/Moana (even the Buzz Lightyear Marvel Shield overlay) is totally new first debut kind. This would be positive to the attendance since it would only start to lose its appeal "after" it is build. The Marvel area should be build asap, the Marvel universe consists of many interesting characters and many upcoming movies which will benefit HK Disney immediately.

      So in fact half of the proposed expansions are based on old existing concepts, so I really don't see the long term strategy you mentioned for half of these.
      That's also why I wrote earlier that it might be better to just get the essential ride elements and save some money instead and spend it on other rides in the future for example.
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        I would be happy for HKDL to just add Arendelle and enhance the castle. It will fit in perfectly with Fantasyland and the new 2019 movie will reinforce interest in the movie series.

        I don't really care too much about the Moana show and the Marvel re-theming of the other Tomorrowland rides. I am a big Marvel fan, but after sampling Iron Man Experience, I don't think WDI has the technological knowhow needed to tell superhero stories in a theme park. 1980s technology for a 21st century ride, so disappointing. I think it will be money wasted.
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          Originally posted by Asa View Post
          I am a big Marvel fan, but after sampling Iron Man Experience, I don't think WDI has the technological knowhow needed to tell superhero stories in a theme park. 1980s technology for a 21st century ride, so disappointing. I think it will be money wasted.
          Yes I agree the Iron man ride technology is indeed a bit disappointing. If I could choose I would probably be more excited if we can get a new Indiana Jones Adventure Jeep ride or a new reimagined Pirates boat ride instead of the Marvel themed ones. The Marvel ones are not as timeless, since they mostly use today's world as backdrop for their stories, a pirate ride for example is locked in the pirate ages story and themeing, even in a few years the old technology will not show its age, since it was designed to look old in a way.


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