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HKDL - Christmas 2017 Questions

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  • HKDL - Christmas 2017 Questions

    We are returning to Hong Kong in December, and are planning on spending one day at HKDL. We were there back in 2006, and are looking forward to seeing how the park has grown.

    We have a couple of questions - if anyone can give us some advice, it would be appreciated.

    First, can you purchase date-specific tickets in advance? We will not be staying at any of the Disneyland hotels, instead staying in Kowloon. Ideally, we'd like to purchase tickets as soon as possible.

    Second, we can go either December 24th or 25th. Does anybody know which date would be less crowded? We've read that the 25th is a public holiday but we don't know if locals will go to the Park that day.

    We realize that it will likely be crowded either date, and can roll with it. We also tend to be night people, and are more likely to arrive mid-morning and stay until closing.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    After this, we're heading to Shanghai, to complete our circuit of all the Disney parks, and then stopping at TDS on the return home. See our questions in the Shanghai and Tokyo forums!

    Thank you!
    Round the World! Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong!

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    1) You may purchase online in advance, there is no specific date ticket in HK as far as I know.

    2) It's public Holiday from 24 to 26 in HK, and I guess there is no big difference if you visit during the Holiday period.

    Welcome to HK and enjoy your Asia Trip.