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Adding more to the resort idea

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  • Adding more to the resort idea

    So. Now that the HKDL expansion has been approved, and with the new hotel opened, think they should consider add more? like stores and or restaurants in the Promenade areas on both sides to walk to the park, and also drive less transportation for those that are staying at the hotels and doesn't like to walk downto Disneyland, since i heard Hong Kong's heat in summer is very hot

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    The Promenade (which is the same as the future downtown area) will certainly not be build if visitors are not spending more nights/days at the resort. Even with the newly approved expansions up and running and being a frequent visitor myself, you can probably do everything within 1.5 days on average on your very first visit, meaning that most of the visitors would probably only stay 1 night at the hotel, rendering any typical downtown area pretty much useless.

    I think they will only consider this after the 1st Phase of Gate 2 park have been completed which is at least another 10 years from now.

    However a Disney Springs' type of commercial district, this could probably work since there are no similar large outdoor shopping experiences in Hong Kong. Most of them are indoor shopping malls.
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      Hmm I think something like Ispiari at Tokyo Disneyland is better, the Disney Town in Shanghai is really a nightmare when I visited during Winter and Summer...

      Visit my pages (Nikkoap92) for lots of pictures from Tokyo Disney Resort ^_^