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  • Mystic Manor In-Depth Story

    Imagineering Fans Call Mystic Manor Disney's Best Ride in Decades. Click on the link above fo its In-depth story.
    Jul 1992: Disneyland Paris
    Apr 2006: Hong Kong Disneyland
    Jul 2010: Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure
    Mar 2011: Hong Kong Disneyland
    Jul 2013: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea
    Sep 2013: Hong Kong Disneyland
    Jul 2014: Disney California Adventure

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    We should be proud to have Mystic Manor, it is a great ride.
    Actually we should be proud to have our own Disneyland. Many countries are lobbying for years to have their own Disney build in their homeland.
    If you look at Europe, they only have 1 Disney for whole Europe. We have 3 within a distance of 4 hour of flight.


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      Originally posted by hakjie11 View Post
      Actually we should be proud to have our own Disneyland. Many countries are lobbying for years to have their own Disney build in their homeland.

      HKDL has its own charm, it is good but in desperate to transform into a better one. After all, it is disappointedly small and low budget to look splendid at the start.


      The Mystic Manor music is fabulous and I wish HKDL to release its park music album in the future.

      I'm happy to meet you guys, it is not easy to find someone chattig about HKDL issue deep like here. Thank you all.

      Btw, have anyone of you joined the Mystic Manor Wlakthrough this year?

      I did the walkthrough last month, it was great. If you are joining the walkthrough too, please ignore the passage bellow to avoid spoilers.

      The walkthrough, is the second year the park hoin the Mystic Manor. The curator and the House steward of the Mystic Manor welcomed all the guests who joined the walkthrough. They introduce us the trackless system of the ride, mentioning there is a hidden computer installed in each vechnicle and reminded us not to step on the sensors on the floor. We were assigned to tea or team B. Each team was asked to choose one from the two topics to be focus on that night. The topics we could choose included "Hidden Mickey" and "collections reference to other Disney Parks". (ie Haunted Mansion, trader Sam in Jungle Cruise, Tiki Room) The other team had chosen the "Greek Mythology". Things you may already knew about like the S.E.A. and some inspiration idea. (Many of the secret they told was also on the Wikipedia. You may have a look if you missed this-year tour) Some trivia to add, she told us when we took close look to the Lord Henry's collection, there is a tag on each item, indeed, there are two different kinds of tags. The SEA tag if the collection was discovered by SEA member or Lord Henry's tag if the item was found by Lord Henry. At the end of the tour, each of us was given participation certificate with our name on it. The staff implied that in the future they may organize walkthrough tour for other attractions. (So, will there soon be a walkthrough tour to farewell the Buzz Astro Blaster?!)


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        I have been blessed to go to all of the Disney Parks in the world except the 2 in France. I wholeheartedly agree that Mystic Manor is one of the best attractions out there. It could be exactly copied and placed at any other park and people would love it. I would say though that Pirates OTC at Shanghai is the best attraction Disney has produced yet.


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