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[Merchandise news] Disneyland Marvel comic book


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  • [Merchandise news] Disneyland Marvel comic book

    Source: The Magic Access member page

    Get into the world of Marvel super heroes

    A Marvel super hero fan must have an original copy of Marvel comic book to experience the Marvel world of incredible adventures! An original, Limited-Edition Hong Kong Disneyland Marvel Comic Book will be exclusively first available in Hong Kong Disneyland, with classic heroes in a new chapter - for the first time including Hong Kong in the story setting. Be immersed in the Marvel world of super heroes than ever!

    This Limited-Edition Hong Kong Disneyland Marvel Comic Book is available at HK$58 starting June 14, 2017 at selected location, Magic Access discount applicable. How could you not get your own comic book?

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    This is definitely a brand-new type of park collectibles, maybe there will be others coming to other parks soon.

    The awkward thing is there is not many US comics stores in Hong Kong as I know, and the Marvel comics app....I'm not sure how many people in Hong Kong subscribe to it/ buy digital comics online.
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      This could be part of the rumoured plan of Disney creating a Marvel Theme Park Universe.
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        【八方人物】Marvel首誕港產超級英雄 邊個壞蛋想毀滅香港?

        「某個風平浪靜的日子,大反派Zola與Mordo合作,計劃要毀滅香港。得到消息的Dr Strange馬上聯絡正舉辦Stark Expo的Tony Stark及其他超級英雄,攜手守護我城對抗惡勢力。」

        It is also mentioned in the footage that apart from Dr. Strange and Iron Man, a Marvel Hero from Hong Kong will also appear in the comic book and the story setting features many Hong Kong elements and will tally with Marvel's Universe.
        The world the story set is unclear, looking forward to the answer, it will be much fun to read and guess.
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          I've finished reading the comic book. This is the first issue and I guess, when there is a large scale of Disneyland Marvel seasonal event/ new Marvel ride, there will be a second issue.

          The story of the comic give the backbone to the summer event "Dimensions of Danger", which is a mission to protect a powerful ancient relic from the hand of Hydra, and it links to what happened in the Stark Expo in HK too. There is a new Super hero from HK teaming up with the Avengers too.

          I have also did the Dimensions of Danger, I think this was great, and it's more fun than the video appeals. (But you better need to have a basic understanding of the marvel characters first.)
          I strongly recommend not to watch any spoiler/ advertisement before you do it yourself.
          If in case you do not have a chance to visit the park yourself, this is the official promotional video.


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