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Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster transformation to SHIELD


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    Today I got to ride the Ant-Man Ride :

    The queuing area : Standby time was 30min for me of which 70% of the queuing happens outside the building. I was surprised there were only 2 very small rooms (entrance-reception and the weapon room) inside before you board the omnimover. Both rooms don't look very impressive, don't expect it to look anything close to Iron Mans Expo. I did like the on-screen communication between the 3 heroes.
    The weapon room has probably like 20 of the same EMP blasters (which u use during the ride) and just a few other weapons ( I expected more variety and movie props from the Ant-Man movies).

    The omnimover pods : they looked quite good. However you can't control its 360 degree movement with the joystick now. The pods moved faster compared to Buzz. The ride therefore seemed much shorter compared to Buzz.
    The EMP blasters weighs probably 20% less compared to Buzz lightyears blasters, so much better for kids.
    The blasters were far more accurate and they had a little bit of recoil after pulling the trigger, nice touch.
    The on screen display in the pod for your score looked sharp with a back lit screen.

    My general impressions of the ride experience itself : start...the issue that the bots don't move wasn't such a big deal to be honest. This is the main issue that most, including myself complained after watching the youtube ride video's. The truth is if you were really trying to shoot hundreds of them you won't spend time studying their mobility.
    Details are nice and the background music and effects are good. There is really a Marvel vibe to it.
    Although it looks much better in real life then on the youtube video's it was still a very flat experience to me. I didn't experience any visual or shooting wow moments when seeing the set pieces in real life ( perhaps because I watched the youtube ride video's too many times before I rode it ?).

    Not including a single physical animatronic in the ride was very disappointing to me. The existence of Ant-Man/Wasp/Zola all happens on screen but this is "physical" ride not a motion 3D ride so where are the physical heroes and villains? The screens in the background during ride are not the sharpest I have seen, in fact they looked a bit blurry.

    The fact that the omnimovers moved faster made the ride seemed shorter, it seemed like they didn't have time and lacked space to tell a "complete" story. I think most of the riders didn't even notice the parts where they were shrunken and "un-shrunken".
    At the finale you need to shoot Zola-screens and then immediately comes a screen with Ant-man and the wasp crediting your great shooting?...It seemed like it lacked an ending. Did we actually succeeded in defeating Zola or not?

    After this I went on Mystic Manor... I must have been on this ride for 30 times or more. It never failed to impress me every time and it made me really wonder what Ant-Man ride could have been if it was just half as good as Mystic Manor.
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      A very good description of the entire ride by HK Main Street Gazette.

      I have to say I really like this shot. HKDL's world exclusive Marvel area. The only problem is that the rides are not so great.
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        As a Disney fan I have been really disappointed so far with the new expansions.
        Moana Homecoming celebrations and Nano Battle both had me excited for a while but when the concept arts remained "concepts arts" and we got a sub-par version of what should have been a world exclusive ride/show, that's where my support painfully dies.
        There might be one positive thing about Nano Battle, it will probably remain an exclusive for HK Disneyland for quite some time (not in a good way) because based on the online comments of the ride videos, most of them don't want this ride in their park.


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          My reaction to this ride:

          The sets are lifeless ... just a bunch of static walls with blinky lights ... and a few projection screens.

          So .. they got rid of a ride that was only 14 years old for this garbage?

          Beware of cloning for other parks!

          it seems the current trend with Disney involves more guns to blast at things. More 3d glasses .... more projection screens.

          I can hardly wait to see what Tomorrowland's future will be at Disneyland.

          Big wuff!
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