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    Hey guys,

    Out of curiosity I have been checking the waiting time for the attractions through the SHD app quite frequently for several months now. (a similar app is available for HKD if you didn't know it yet).
    Note that I was just taking a quick peek at different days and times of the week for the last 4-5 months (mostly in the weekends or whenever I remember).

    I noticed a significant decrease of the waiting time required to get into the rides.
    A year ago, the usual lines for Pirates at Shanghai would be around 120-180 minutes easily. But in the last 4-5 months, the lines are around 45-60 minutes with a lot of other rides within 30-45 minutes only.

    I know the app is not 100% accurate, but it could mean that the novelty of SHD is gradually wearing off with a significant drop in attendance in the 2nd year of its operation.
    Don't take my word for it, but I would say that the drop would be easily a double digit number.

    HKDL is certainly not performing better, most of the time the waiting lines are between 0-30 minutes only and very very occasionally 45 minutes. But I would say that these times are considered normal due to its known problematic lower attendance in the last few years.

    SHD might be newer park, but compared to the quite steady fanbase in Hong Kong after 12 years of operation, SHD still needs to build upon its returning customer base.

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    I don't think the app is accurate. I've been to SHD in November. Top wait times were 240min for Soarin', 90min for Seven Dwarves and Camp Discovery Challenge Trails, Tron was 60min tops, Pirates never had a longer wait time than 45min.


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